Pining for a fake fir You”re not the only one this Christmas

Fake it: Sales of artificial trees have soared this year

Fake it: Sales of artificial trees have soared this year

Not so long ago, fake Christmas trees were considered the height of tackiness.

With their puny artificial needles and shiny plastic appearance, they were a poor substitute for the pine-scented splendour of the real thing.

Well, no more. This is the year that we’ve fallen in love with the fake.

Upmarket department store Selfridges says that sales of artificial Christmas trees are up 127 per cent on last year, while John Lewis says that sales of its Snowy Paper Tree — a modern tree with bare brown branches dusted with white — have rocketed.

But these sophisticated fakes don’t come at all cheap — the Selfridges ones go up to a staggering 799 for a 9ft whopper, with the best-selling 7ft numbers priced between 185 and 575, while the Snowy Paper tree starts at 95.

Quite a difference from 40 at the local garden centre.

But, according to the stores, their trees will not only last for many Christmases to come, they look so stylish that ‘some customers keep them up all year’.

What on earth would Santa say