pHenomenal tanning mousse: Home tan that lasts longer than a salon"s golden glow

The home tan that lasts longer than a salon's golden glow and has already gained a celebrity following
Tanning mousse claims to keep skin golden brown for three weekspHenomenal product will set you back 37.50Has already won over the likes of Kelly Brook, Yasmin Le bon and Holly Valance



11:33 GMT, 2 July 2012

Most women count themselves lucky if their spray-tan’s glow sticks around for more than a few days.

But all that could be about to change following the arrival of a fake tan which can be applied at home, but keeps skin golden for as long as three weeks.

The pHenomenal tanning mousse claims to be the first home tan which looks as good and lasts for longer than a professional salon spray.

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Won over: Kelly Brook is already said to be a fan of the new fake tan product pHenomenal

Fan: Holly Valance is also said to be impressed by the new product

Fans: Kelly Brook and Holly Valance are said to be among the celebrities impressed by the new fake tan

Costing 37.50 for 200ml, more than 77,000 bottles have been sold at Boots since its launch four weeks ago.

And it has also won a celebrity following, with actress Kelly Brook, model Yasmin Le Bon and singer Holly Valance among its customers.

The tan contains a secret formulation of natural ingredients which works with dihydroxyacetone (DHA), the main ingredient in fake tans which reacts with melanin in the skin to colour it, and makes the tan last longer.

Tanning: pHenomenal tanning mousse is said to give the skin a golden glow for up to three weeks

Tanning: pHenomenal tanning mousse is said to give the skin a golden glow for up to three weeks

The mousse dries almost instantly and is
odourless, so users avoid the sticky skin and sickly sweet smell of
traditional fake tans.

Alyson Hogg, founder and chief executive of creators Vita Liberata, said: ‘It took us 14 months, but the tan we have come up with is the safest, most organic tan on the market.

‘Women also love it because it lasts four times longer than normal. Those women who get five days out of a fake tan will find that they enjoy looking bronzed for almost three weeks with pHenomenal. It dries in seconds and doesn’t smell of anything – women don’t even realise they have got it on.’

Scientists have recently clashed over the safety of DHA, a naturally occurring chemical found in sugar which is used in all fake tans, after a US study linked it to cancer.

Mrs Hogg added: ‘The studies linking fake tan to cancer are a red herring. There is no evidence to show DHA causes cancer. We believe our formulas are the safest on the market.’

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