Petra Ecclestone and Ekaterina Rybolovleva both have homes in US worth over $80m

Born months apart, billionaire heiresses Petra Ecclestone and Ekaterina Rybolovleva have both purchased homes in the U.S. worth over $80m… but that’s where the similarities end

They are born just months apart, own two of America”s most expensive homes and have two of the world”s wealthiest men as fathers.

That Ekaterina Rybolovleva and Petra Ecclestone are some of the world”s most privileged heiresses there is no doubt – but while their backgrounds may appear strikingly similar at first glance, the two heiresses lead very different lives.

While both have taken the real estate world by storm, Ekaterina remains a modest and relatively unknown character. Her peer, Petra, has an image that is rather more in keeping with her flashy $175million property portfolio.

Ekaterina Rybolovleva Petra Ecclestone

Chalk and cheese: Privileged real-estate owners they may be, heiresses Ekaterina Rybolovleva, left, and Petra Ecclestone lead different lifestyles. Petra courts the media, while little is known about Ekaterina

Ekaterina is the daughter of well-known oligarch Dmitriy Rybolovlev, the “potash king” and former owner of fertilizer business Uralkali. Petra”s father is Bernie Ecclestone, 81, the British F1 racing mogul.

No doubt the ladies” paths have crossed on the well-heeled, doorman-staffed sidewalks of Monaco, or on the beaches of St Tropez – but whether they”ll bump into each other Stateside is another question.

While 22-year-old Russian heiress, Ekaterina, is the new owner of New York City”s most expensive home, she lives largely out of the spotlight, reportedly studying at Harvard University, according to the New York Post.

In what was the single largest real estate transaction ever recorded in the city, the ten-room, wraparound-terraced apartment has propelled the horse-mad socialite intothe high-rolling annals of New York property history.

Ekaterina Rybolovleva at the Gucci Masters in Paris

Russian rider: Ekaterina is a competitive equestrian and is said to have made only $2,370 from the horse trial circuit last year. She seems to shun media attention, and studies at an undisclosed U.S. university


Ifmoney were edible: Petra, meanwhile, has appeared in numerous interviews, here pictured for Flaunt magazine “eating” $100 bills. The bombshell maintains she is not spoilt but merely privileged

There are no reports of the oligarch”s daughter in designer labels, collecting designer handbags or driving top-of-the-range cars, in the manner of Petra, who is said to have a collection of Hermes Birkin bags, valued at around $50,000 each.

She has not, as far as we know, been to the shopsby helicopter – as Petra”s older sister Tamara did in the Cote d”Azur this summer – nor does she own a second London home valued at $90million.

Her move does however follow that of Petra, 23, who in July shot to fame in the U.S. for paying the princely sum of $85million in cash for the Spelling mansion in LA.

The 56,500 sq-foot pile in Holmby Hills is a relative bargain in comparison to Ekaterina”s new Upper West Side pad, costing just over $1,500 per sq-foot compared to a record-breaking $13,500 per sq-foot.

Born in Russia, Ekaterina has for the last fifteen years lived between Monaco and Switzerland. A keen horse woman, she competes at trials across Europe.

There is no doubt that Ekaterina”s millions were not made by her – she is reported to have made just $2,370 in competition wins last year, according to equestrian website, Global Champions Tour, cites the New York Observer.

Ekaterina Rybolovleva

Roomwith a view: Ekaterina bought the 15 Central Park South apartment for astaggering $88million this week. It boasts ten rooms, a wraparound terrace and stunning views across New York

Ekaterina Rybolovleva 15 Central Park West

Plenty of reading room: Ekaterina”s new penthouse home has a wood-panelled library and two fire places

Commanding: The purchase is the single largest real estate transaction ever recorded in the city, propelling the horse-mad socialite into the high-rolling annals of New York property history

Commanding: The purchase is the single largest real estate transaction ever recorded in the city, propelling the horse-mad socialite into the high-rolling annals of New York property history

Ekaterina Rybolovleva 15 Central Park West

The new Petra Though little is known about the new owner of 15 Central Park West”s penthouse, the student is a keen horsewoman who has so far stayed out of the media spotlight

Photos of the young woman show her with horses, sporting a pared-down, girl-next-door style.

But while the equestrian leads a lifefar out of public eye, apparently not courting media attention, Petra is something of a media darling.

Born and raised in London, Petra moved to her new Californian pile, complete with bowling alley, swimming pool, tennis courts, 14 bedrooms and acres of lawns, just months ago.

In a recent interview and photoshoot for Flaunt magazine, the blonde bombshell, labels-obsessed bombshell held a wad of $100 bills up to her scarlet lips.

The shoot did nothing to quell opinions of the heiress – who did not attend university – as spoilt and ostentatious with her cash.

While her father is reported to have spent close to $20million on her August nuptials in Italy, the fashion designer – who went from menswear design to launching a range of eye-wateringly expensive handbags under her new label, Stark, recently – maintains that she is from hard-working stock.

Petra Ecclestone

To a manor born: Petra”s rambling $85million LA mansion, bought in July, has 14 bedrooms and a bowling alley

Petra Ecclestone

Sweeping stairs: The majestic Holmby Hills manor is Petra”s second home and was bought in cash in July

Petra Ecclestone

Recession, what recession The two heiresses are unabashedly bucking the national trend, using their family fortunes to snap up homes fit for princesses in an uncertain housing market

Bernie Ecclestone and Petra Ecclestone

Daddy”s girl: F1 mogul, Bernie Ecclestone, gave his daughter Petra away at her $20million August nuptials

“With time, people will get to know the real me and realize that I’m not going to parties and falling out of my dress and getting drunk and all that.

“I realize I am very privileged. But there’s a difference between being spoiled and privileged,” she told the fashion magazine, echoing a phrase she used in the summer when speaking with Good Morning America.

“I realise I am very privileged. But there’s a difference between being spoiled and privileged”

In the meantime, Ekaterina is studying at university.

While her subject choice is not known, it is likely that she is undertaking a post-grad course.

Ina statement by a representative of Ekaterina, it was revealed that the student would only use the apartment when visiting New York.

While Petra bought her LA home as an investment, reportedly borrowing a staggering $82.4million from her Croatian mother, former Armani model, Slavica, to purchase the pile, it has been speculated that the Russian heiress” new pied-a-terre purchase may have other motives.

Dmitry Rybolovlev Bernie Ecclestone

Daddy”s dollars: Russian oligarch Dmitriy Rybolovleva, left, and Bernie Ecclestone, right, are two of the world”s richest men, their daughters standing to inherit many billions of dollars between them

An ongoing and highly acrimonious divorce battle between Mr Rybolovleva and wife of 23 years, Elena, stands to see the magnate losing $3.5billion – and the apartment is a convenient way to channel funds to the safety of his daughter”s name.

It is also thought that the purchase may be related to income tax liability in the famously high-tax city, reports the Observer. The home”s former owner, Citigroup CEO Sandy Weill, has pledged to give all of the proceeds of the record-breaking sale to charity.

Given the buzz surrounding the Central Park property, it may only be a matter of time for the pretty young Russian to hit the New York social pages – with or without a Birkin handbag in tow.

PETRA ECCLESTONEEKATERINA RYBOLOVOLAAGE2322FATHER”S FORTUNE$4.2billion$7billionSCHOOLFrancis Holland, LondonUnknownUNIVERSITYNoneHarvard, according to the New York PostSIBLINGSSister Tamara, 27, and half-sister Deborah, 56One, name and age unknownHOBBIESFashion and shoppingHorse riding