Percy Pig: M&S launches ice-cream lollies

Percy Pig gets the cool factor as launch of M&S lollies gets fans of the sweets all a-Twitter

8:52 PM on 20th May 2011

Forget superinjuctions, sex scandals and tomorrow”s supposed judgement day, one of the biggest trends on Twitter in the UK at the moment is a small smiley pig made of fruit juice.

Marks & Spencer”s announcement that it is launching an ice-cream version of its Percy Pig sweets immediately sent waves across the social networking site – cementing Percy”s reputation as a national treasure.

Not that he”ll be surprised.

Trending on Twitter: Marks & Spencer

Trending on Twitter: Marks & Spencer”s has just launched an ice-cream version of its popular Percy Pig sweets – much to tweeters” delight

In 2008, the pig came 11th on Vogue”s list of the 40 hottest people and trends to watch over the coming months.

However, while Percy has since been linked to cupcakes, biscuits and even mousses, none of them caught tweeters” imagination like a fruit-based ice lolly.

M&S announced the launch at lunch time today saying: “Percy Pig fans everywhere rejoice! We”ve created the Percy ice cream!”

Within minutes people were tweeting about the product, many of them linking the launch to another popular trend, the Rapture theory that theworld is going to end tomorrow.

Family favourite: A packet of the original M&S Percy Pig sweets

Family favourite: A packet of the original M&S Percy Pig sweets

OctoberJones tweeted: “Oh my God Percy Pig ice-cream. It”s like, they knew The Rapture was coming, and guessed our perfect last meal.” While Chloemeatsix added: “They”re making a Percy Pig ice cream I can die happy now!”

Chris_lala simply said: “Percy Pig needs to stop staring at me from the trending topics. My mouth is watering.”

The ice-creams went on sale in 476 M&S stores nationwide.

They are sold in packs of three that cost 1.99.

A spokesperson for the supermarket chais said: “M&S has re-invented the all time customer favourite – Percy Pig, who will now be available in three mouth watering fruit flavoured ice-cream sticks.

“Containing only natural flavourings, they are the perfect treat for your little ones during the summer months or for your own grown-up guilty pleasure!”

Percy”s old friend Colin the Caterpillar will also be joining Percy in the freezer.

His fruit sour ice-lollies comes in packs of four (also 1.99) and each ice-cream is a mixture of apple, lemon, blackcurrant, raspberry and orange flavours.