Nigella Lawson, dripping in caramel, claims her intentions are purely innocent

“I”ve never done double entendre in my life”: says a caramel-covered Nigella Lawson as she claims her intentions are purely innocent

Dripping with gooey caramel and closing her heavily-made eyes, Nigella Lawson looks lost in a moment of ecstasy.

But despite the sensual imagery, the Domestic Goddess still insists she never uses her sexuality to promote food.

Nigella posed for the saucy shot for the latest cover of Stylist.

Nigella Lawson

Saucy: Nigella Lawson professes her love of salted caramel on the cover of Stylist magazine

The pretty cook has made a name for herself whipping up an array of culinary delights – while seductively licking her lips on camera.

But the 51-year-old claims her intentions are always innocent.

She told the Times: “When people say to me “she does double entendre”, I have never done double entendre in my life. I”m not that kind of person.

Nigella, pictured in London in October The TV chef in April

Mamma, mia! The TV chef, pictured looking slimmer last month, left, than in April, right, puts her weight loss down to researching Italian food

Seductive Nigella is often accused of

Seductive Nigella is sometimes accused of “flirting” on camera

“I think that appetite is seen as heartyin a male and slightly wanton and lascivious in a female, but that”s just about perception.

“The image is simply rapturous joy in caramel.

“It”s not obligatory to be smutty-minded.”

The TV star also revealed her recent recent weight loss is not down to any particular diet – but due to her work schedule.

She said: “Like most women my weight goes up and down and when I work really hard, I don”t sleep enough.

“I”m always exhausted and eat rather than sleep.

“Some people put on weight under stress and some people lose it.

“I”ve never lost weight so if I”m having a busy year, I puff up a bit and go down a bit.

“Researching Italian food you just eat properly and the weight goes down again.”

Despite her new, more slender frame, Nigella, guest editing the magazine this week, professes her love for salted caramel, citing the balance of sweet, savoury and fat as the source of her addiction.

She said: “Eating is a great joy in life.

“One”s got to make sure it does give happiness.”

And judging by the looks of her latest image, Nigella has achieved her goal.