'My weight was literally killing me': Obese teen loses seven stone after doctor gave her SIX MONTHS to live



22:26 GMT, 13 September 2012

When teenager Robyn Tyler went to the doctor she never expected to be told the devastating news that she had just six months to live.

Shockingly, she didn’t have a life-threatening illness or disease – it was because she was so fat.

Miss Tyler, who lives in Monmouth, was so overweight at twenty stone, that the doctor told her she would be dead within six months if she didn’t lose weight.

Her large size was causing dangerous problems with her blood pressure that put her at risk of a deadly stroke. She has since managed to lose a massive seven stone – a decision which has saved her life.

Teenager Robyn Tyler overweight

Teenager Robyn Tyler after losing weight

Robyn Tyler, left, before she lost weight after being told she had six months to live and the 21-year-old, right, after she lost seven stone

Miss Tyler, now 21, said: ‘It was a terrible shock at the age of 18 to be told that I only had six months left to live.

‘I had so much that I wanted to do with my life – I wasn’t ready to die. My weight was literally killing me, so I knew that I had to do something drastic.’

Miss Tyler had struggled with her weight all her life and it escalated out of control when her mum Sian, 46, suffered a heart attack when Miss Tyler was just 11.

She said: ‘I would gorge on sweets and ice cream. But soon all those treats started to leave their mark. When mum had her heart attack things just got worse. I turned to food for comfort. I'd stuff myself on chocolate crisps and sweets in between my unhealthy microwave meals.

‘When mum was poorly, I stayed with my gran. And like most grandparents she liked to spoil me rotten with biscuits and cakes.’

‘I was embarrassed about my size. Especially in the summer. I'd be covered up, boiling hot and terrified of revealing my body.’

Miss Tyler, who now lives with her fiance Paul Gibson, 27, in Monmouth, soon tipped the scales at a staggering 20 stone 4.

Miss Tyler, who lives in Monmouth, was massively overweight at twenty stone

Miss Tyler, who lives in Monmouth, was massively overweight at twenty stone

She said: ‘I ate the same size portions as Paul, but he didn’t put weight on. In the evenings we we eat huge lasagna's and chips, followed by puddings and a bag of crisps or two before bed.

‘My weight was rocketing and I felt terrible too. I was constantly tired and dizzy. I thought I must anaemic.’

Miss Tyler, who works as a carer, went to the GP and he told her that she wasn’t anaemic. But he had devastating news for her. Because of her massive weight her blood pressure was different in one side of her body than the other.

He told her that she would be unlikely to live another six months as she was at risk of a massive heart attack.

She said: ‘I couldn’t take in what he was saying. It was such a massive shock to be told that I would be dead within six months if I didn’t lose weight.

‘I was only 18. Girls my age should be out with their friends without a care in the world, not being so overweight that they only have months to live.

‘I’d started seeing Paul and had found love for the first time. I didn’t want that to be taken away from me.’

With Mr Gibson’s support, Miss Tyler cut down on portion sizes and stopped eating junk. She banned all sugary snacks and fizzy drinks and lived on approximately 1100 calories a day, tucking into salads and fruit.

Her final motivation came when Mr Gibson proposed last September.

She said: ‘I was determined that I wasn’t going to be a fat bride. I stuck to my regime and gradually the weight came off.

‘My friends couldn’t believe it, they all thought I looked great. And I felt fantastic too. I joined a gym which I could have never done at 20 stone.

Tyler said she ate the same size portions as her fiancee Paul, but he didnt put weight on

Tyler said she ate the same size portions as her fiancee Paul, but he didnt put weight on

In a year she lost 7 stone and now weighs a slimmer 13 stone 4. She has also dropped a staggering seven dress sizes – and has gone from a size 28 to a 14.

She said: ‘I'm so much more confident in my body. I'm hoping to lose another 2 stone and also to have some of my loose skin removed. But I've come such a long way already. It's crazy to think that I was so fat that I was just six months away from death. But now I'll never go back. Because I really have got so much to live for.’