Mother and daughter undergo breast enlargement on same day to boost 32A chests to D and C cups



15:24 GMT, 9 April 2012

After inheriting her mother's small frame, Daniella John decided she wanted a change.

So when the 21-year-old opted for surgery to enhance her breasts, she was surprised to learn that her mother, Geraldine was keen to schedule the procedure on the very same day.

The pair spent 3,500 on the double set of breast implants boosting their frame from a 32A to a C and D cup, respectively.

Delighted: Geraldine John and daughter Daniella both had breast implant surgery on the same day

Delighted: Geraldine John and daughter Daniella both had breast implant surgery on the same day

A thrilled Daniella admits she is relieved that she will no longer face any taunts over her bra cup size.

She said: 'I’ve never had any breasts ever. In school, I got made fun of – kids would say I had the body of a 10-year-old.

'From the age of 15 I’ve wanted to have it done. It will help my confidence a lot, that’s why I want it done.'

'I had the operation first then it was my mum’s turn. When we came round from the operation we were both prodding our new boobs.

'We are both thrilled to bits with our new boobs – we just can’t wait to go shopping for a whole new wardrobe of fancy bras and low cut tops.'

Geraldine John before her breast enhancement

Daniella John before her breast enhancement

Geraldine, left, and Daniella, before the surgery which boosted their cup size to a D and C, respectively

And mother-of-four, Geraldine added: 'I was so envious when my daughter told me she was having a boob – but only because I’ve wanted it myself for 30 years.

'I’ve been flat chested all my life and unfortunately I’ve passed the genes down.

'I have always dreamed of having a curvy, womanly figure but my chest is as flat as a pancake.

Geraldine John and daughter Daniella are both delighted with the outcome

The mother and daughter are equally delighted with the outcome of the 3,500 procedure

'I’d used all sorts of things to
plump up my non-existent 32A breasts – padded bras, silicone chicken
fillets – even air pumped bras!

'But having real implants was just a dream until now.'

Health care worker Geraldine said she’d always been conscious of her flat chest – even though her husband David is more than happy with her.

She said: 'My husband loves me just the way I am but my implants have made made me so happy.

'I never had the push to do it before. I guess when you have children other things get put on the back burner.

'But when I found out my daughter was going to do it I thought why not. So Daniella booked me in for an appointment.

'It was so much fun. We couldn’t stop giggling. You go and try on and see what sizes are right. You want them to look natural, not like they’ve been stuck on.

'I feel fantastic. My new boobs have given me new found confidence that I never had before. I am so grateful to Daniella for spurring me on.'

Kathy Griffin, clinic manager at The Hospital Group in Cardiff, said: 'I’ve never had a mum and her daughter having the same operation on the same day.'