More money than sense Do you really want to dig 130 deep for this shampoo and conditioner



08:51 GMT, 23 August 2012

Watch your hard-earned cash wash down the drain by lathering up with Philip B’s 60 Royal Forever shampoo and 70 conditioner.

Made using a Middle Eastern tree resin called oud, they say the shampoo contains ‘time-released botanical hydrators that moisturise each strand from the inside out’, leaving you with a bouncy blow-dry.


Philip B conditioner

Are you worth it The pricey shampoo, left, and conditioner that will… hopefully… make your locks truly luscious and forever shine

The latest beauty creators – the botanical hydrators – are said to be molecules tiny enough to pass
through the fibre of each hair.

They say the shampoo and conditioner set is perfect for de-frizzing and reviving curls, giving blow-dried hair that sleek, swinging sheen and boosting limp hair with lasting volume.

While it smells divine, you might find it cheaper and more effective to buy a big round brush and some hairspray.