Mischa Barton website: Debut fashion line launched on Mischa"s Place

Mischa Barton unveils debut fashion line – but will anyone ACTUALLY wear it



11:22 GMT, 24 March 2012

Actress to designer: Mischa Barton has launched a new clothing line after years of her own sartorial mishaps

Actress to designer: Mischa Barton has launched a new clothing line after years of her own sartorial mishaps and fashion criticism from the press

Mischa Barton has launched a new clothing line, which debuted online under the title Mischa's Place.

The collection of apparel, cosmetics, accessories and bath products is designed by the former O.C. star, a range which she describes as an 'eclectic Haven of Style'.

After she launched a headband collection in 2008 and a her own handbag line last year, this is Miss Barton's third attempt at entering the fashion market following a lackluster on-screen career after The O.C. came to an end in 2007.

The casual, but pricey, collection is presented on her e-commerce site using illustrations, which at first glance appear to be fun, cute pieces aimed at 20-something girls.

At closer inspection, the line which ranges from $65 for a t-shirt, $100 for leggings, $285 for a party dress and $310 for her Signature jacket (currently sold out), is made up of everyday basics embellished with beads, ruffles, sequins and a little bit of velvet, representing a somewhat vague bohemian style.

The 26-year-old was once the envy of girls worldwide for her cute outfits and It girl status after she rose to fame as Marissa Cooper in The O.C., and at the height of the show's popularity in 2003, she was undoubtedly the belle du jour.

However when the show ended after
four seasons, the actress struggled to turn her television career into a
successful film career, and has faced consistent negative press
regarding her flailing personal style and fluctuating weight, often
landing on more worst-dressed lists than best-dressed.

a further attempt at a comeback with the hope of turning her public image
around, Miss Barton appeared on the show Styled by June which premiered
earlier this week.

A cardigan from Mischa Barton's new clothing line Mischa's Place

A satin ruffle dress from Mischa Barton's new clothing line, Mischa's Place

Sartorially challenged: Mischa Barton's new collection is called Mischa's Place, an undeniably tacky range which includes many embellished and ruffled pieces available to purchase online

A t-shirt and leggings designed by Mischa Barton for her new clothing line Mischa's Place

Mischa Barton's Signature jacket from her new clothing line Mischa's Place

Pricey products: The collection's leggings (left) on are sale for $100, while the Mischa Signature jacket (right) sold out online at $310, proving there may be a market for her clothing after all

A fur waistcoat from Mischa Barton's new clothing line, Mischa's Place

A vintage-inspired, hand beaded, dress from Mischa Barton's new clothing line, Mischa's Place

Bohemian influence: According to Mischa's Place, the designer brings her 'well-known Bohemian Style to all aspects of the range' in what she describes as a 'colourful mixture of styles' drawn from her own experiences

During a preview for the show, which had stylist June Ambrose update her look,
the actress said bluntly: 'I want June to style me because she has a
great positive attitude and could help me with some of the press.

'Press is definitely not one of my stronger points. There's been a lot
of negative things said and I really feel that she could help me with

As a designer who has a track record of struggling to dress even herself, this venture may seem odd to many of her critics, however Miss Barton told CelebStyle.com: 'I've always had a serious love of fashion, and it all started with my
handbag line'

And to further prove she means business, the designer announced that she is set to open her Mischa Barton Flagship store in London at Spitalfields Market later in the spring.