Meet the woman who is getting hitched to The Game"s serial seducer Nick "Papa" Kho

I'm marrying a professional pick-up artist: Meet the woman who is getting hitched to The Game's serial seducer



22:43 GMT, 5 July 2012

Some women call 32-year-old Utah native, Amber Holmes, crazy. After all, she’s marrying one of Hollywood’s original pick-up gurus.

Her husband-to-be, Nick 'Papa' Kho, built a multi-million dollar business teaching guys how to seduce women, and featured prominently in Neil Strauss’ infamous 2005 book, The Game.

The 32-year-old is co-owner of Real Social Dynamics, one of the largest dating coaching companies in the world, and widely regarded as being one of the founding fathers of the seduction community, stemming out of Hollywood in the early 2000's.

Crazy Amber Holmes is marrying one of Hollywood's original pick-up gurus, Nick 'Papa' Kho, who featured in Neil Strauss' infamous book, The Game

Crazy Amber Holmes is marrying one of Hollywood's original pick-up gurus, Nick 'Papa' Kho, who featured in Neil Strauss' infamous book, The Game

But after years of seducing women and teaching thousands of men his secrets, Mr Kho has finally met his match.

He and Miss Holmes will be married in Hawaii in December – and a homemade video their proposal on a private island in the Maldives has quickly amassed tens of thousands of views on Vimeo.

Miss Holmes is not worried about her fiance's past exploits or ladies-man reputation.

In fact, she says when Mr Kho invited her to go to the Playboy Mansion in the first month of their courtship, that was when she realised he was serious about her.

When I first met him, I Googled him and I was like, ‘Oh, my God! Not only is this guy a player, but he’s like one of the world’s biggest players AND he has made a multi-million dollar business from being a player!’

The Game: Mr Kho features prominently in Neil Strauss' dating book

The Game: Mr Kho features prominently in Neil Strauss' dating book

But she says she gave him a chance
and went on a couple of tame dates with him, and things changed
dramatically with the Playboy Mansion invitation.

'He told me, “We are going to the Playboy Mansion and my family will be there,” Miss Holmes explained.

'First of all, who goes to the Playboy Mansion Secondly, who takes their family to the Playboy Mansion

'The next thing is what sealed the
deal. He said, “I’ve never let a girl meet my family before,” and that
really hit for me. I was like, “Wow! He really wants to see where this
could go with me!”

'I totally changed my perspective. And we’ve been dating ever since.'

Kho fully admits to using one of his own pickup techniques to attract
Miss Holmes in the first place, proving that what he teaches actually

'When we first started dating, I really had a hard time with it,' she says.

'I didn’t like the idea that some
guys were manipulating girls into one-night stands or hookups. But I am
kind of bitter sweet about the whole pickup industry.

like that they teach self-confidence and approach. But when it comes
down to the sexual conduct, I’m not so cool about it because I think
some guys can take advantage of girls a little bit.

in the same realm, if the guys are using the techniques to get a
girlfriend, I’m totally fine with that. That is awesome. After all, Nick
did get a wife out of it!'

The Real Social Dynamics website gets three million unique visitors a month as guys try to learn how to talk to women.

And Mr Kho says he received nothing but support from RSD students when he posted the video of his engagement.

'Amber was walking down the street and if I
didn’t stop her, I would have missed the window of opportunity'

'Students were talking about how it was great to see someone from the Real Social Dynamics community get married and engaged,' he says.

'People were saying congratulations. Other people thought it gave them hope. You can find that true happiness from this program. It’s not just fun. I guess other people were saying it also inspires them.'

'Amber was walking down the street. If I didn’t stop her, I would have missed the window of opportunity. You just have to take action and cash that opportunity.'

Mr Kho says his perception of pickup has changed over the years and especially now that he is engaged.

'The reason from day one we created the company and named it Real Social Dynamics as opposed to Dating Dynamics, is because what makes us different from every other company in the industry is we focus on people learning the cutting edge technical and scientific stuff that can help you in every aspect of your life.

'And I would say going through the process of doing thousands of approaches to meeting Amber and then having an amazing relationship and being engaged to be married, I guess the whole process has overall been developing and growing.

'We never stopped as a team of RSD instructors developing the program. For me personally, I have learned so much about relationships in general and having an exclusive relationship with Amber that will definitely affect future curriculum, especially because other instructors are getting deeper in their relationships.

'For example, my partner Tyler has two kids now and he’s working on a program that he calls Relationship Transitions about transitioning from a life of going out on a regular basis picking up girls to one who has the mindset of developing a really awesome relationship.

'Which is great because a lot of students have come to us and want to learn this stuff as well. As a result, we also have crated a relationship forum so people could talk about relationships and that’s on Real Social Dynamics now and was created in the middle of my relationship with Amber.'