Married Geordies in their thirties are unveiled as the biggest flirts52 per cent over-friendly in the workplaceA quarter of Brits claim never to flirt

Married Geordies in their thirties are the nation's biggest flirts, a survey has found.

More than half (52 per cent) are over-friendly in the workplace, throwing colleagues suggestive glances or smiles.

While others choose to send flowers, such as lilies, roses and carnations as a way of revealing their affection.

A study claims that married Geordies in their thirties are the nation's biggest flirts

A study claims that married Geordies in their thirties are the nation's biggest flirts

The UK study on relationship trends also named Katie Price and Nigella Lawson as the top celebrity flirts.

While TOWIE star Mark Wright and Simon Cowell –
infamous for his suggestive wink – also topped the charts.

And away from the limelight accountants, teachers and politicians were found to be the most flirtatious professions

Other unusual but cost-effective locations Brits sought romance included funerals and hospitals.

But taking a back seat were bars and clubs as Brits preferred to get amorous in the office.

However a quarter of the 1,000 adults surveyed (25 per cent) claimed never to flirt.

The findings have been unveiled to mark the UK 's first ever National Flirt Day on February 2nd.

According to the Flower Council of
Holland, which commissioned the research, this is the day when adults are most likely to make romantic overtures.


Tracey Cox

personality, the more flirtatious you can be. Keep it subtle for shyer
types. Up the volume for the socially gregarious.

FORGET CHAT UP LINES: They don’t work – we’re looking, not listening in the
first 60 seconds of meeting someone – and usually backfire. The cheesier
the line, the less we trust the person saying it.

KEEP IT PERSONAL: Don’t say ‘You’re gorgeous’. Say, ‘You’ve got the best legs
I’ve ever seen’. Make them feel you’ve noticed them as an individual
rather than just chatting up every good-looking person you see.

KEEP IT SIMPLE: Not everyone’s good at picking up on signals. Stick to
easily read flirting signals like smiling, eye contact, standing close
and paying lots of attention.

FLIRT WITH A FLOWER: A cheeky wink can be misinterpreted; absolutely
no-one is offended by being given a flower. They make everyone smile and
feel special.