Marriage proposal rejected live on the Ellen Show turns out to be an elaborate hoax

Marriage proposal rejected live on the Ellen Show turns out to be an elaborate hoax

The stage was set for romance – but when Jodi turned her boyfriend Jacob”s marriage proposal down on live TV, viewers didn”t know whether to laugh or cry.

The very public – and equally awkward – rejection came on The Ellen Show yesterday.

It turns out, thankfully, that the proposal was a hoax, fooling millions after the unfortunate news exploded on Twitter with thousands sympathising over poor Jacob”s bad luck.

Ellen de Generes

Will you marry me An excited audience looks on as “Jacob” proposes on live TV

According to, the elaborate ploy wassimply a novel, if a little off-subject, way of promoting Ellen”s new “12 days of Giveaways” Holidays segment.

And, the site says, the scorned love interest was none other than one of Ellen”s production team, real name Ross, who appeared in a similar sketch last year.

The ruse had the unwitting audience besides themselves with giddy romance, but their delight soon turned to confused laughter when Jodi, head in hands, burst into tears and replied “I can”t, I”m sorry.”

Ellen de Generes

Awkward: Nervous laughter greets Jodi”s “I”m sorry, I can”t” reply and Jacob looks concerned as his girlfriend sobs with her head in her hands

Ellen de Generes

Tell-tale smile: But Jacob”s relieved smile – seen as the camera pulls away to Ellen”s Giveaways segment – is a dead give away

Observant watchers can see a tell-tale relieved smile on Ross” face as the camera pulls away – and one reader at Toofab points out that she thought the best clue was Jodi”s slightly unrealistic wig.

Ellen DeGeneres, laughing, glosses the unfortunate incident over and cuts straight to therather more straightforward task of giving away gifts.

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Hoax you”d hope: Ellen”s grin and laughter after the rejection would be a little misjudged if the proposal had been for real

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