Mario Balotelli"s delight as ex-girlfriend Raffaella Fico confirms he"s the father of her unborn baby

'You gave me the best news of the world': Mario Balotelli is delighted as Raffaella Fico confirms unborn child is his



15:57 GMT, 2 July 2012

He may have been crying tears of sadness after his country lost to Spain last night but, Mario Balotelli already received some consolation before the game had been played.

The Italy striker's ex-girlfriend Raffaella Fico had told him ahead of the semi-final match against Germany, that she was pregnant with his child.

The 24-year-old model has confirmed that the baby she is having belongs to the footballer dubbed Super Mario.

The daddy: Mario Balotelli is reportedly happy after being told Raffaella Fico is expecting his child

The daddy: Mario Balotelli is reportedly happy after being told Raffaella Fico is expecting his child

Speaking to Italian website Sport Mediaset, she said: 'I called the day before the game against Germany and I said, I'm expecting a baby, it's your baby.

'After a pause he said 'You gave me the best news of the world.''

Raffaella was surprised when she discovered that she was pregnant in the middle of May, because she ended her relationship with Mario on 29 April.

She kept the good news to herself after taking a test but eventually revealed the pregnancy to some of her family.

Baby bump: Mario Balotelli's ex-girlfriend Raffaella Fico has sparked rumours she's pregnant with his child after showing off her baby bump

Baby bump: Mario's ex-girlfriend Raffaella Fico showed off her bump last week, in Rome

She told the website: 'I went to a pharmacy outside Milan to buy a pregnancy test and I found I was pregnant. But I only told my mother and my brother.'

Rafaella now claims that a delighted Mario, 21, is eager to commit to her and rebuild their failed relationship.

She said that he never stopped loving her and he always wanted to have a son with her and even get married.
Balotelli's The Italian model, who split up with the striker two months ago, was at a charity event when she showed off her bump and has reportedly said it is Mario's

Baby Mario: Fico told the striker ahead of the Italy versus Germany semi-final

She said: 'Last Christmas, he told me, 'let's get married and make a son', and I accepted.'

Unfortunately the couple broke up after his numerous alleged affairs, but Fico, who was spotted showing off her bump last week in Rome, is certain things will be different this time.

She insists that she does not need money and never intended to trap a rich footballer, however, her offspring will bring plenty of pride to Balotelli, who stormed off the pitch after last night's defeat.

As they were: Mario and Raffaella dated for a year until they broke up two months ago

As they were: Mario and Raffaella dated for a year until they broke up two months ago

Raffaella, who has appeared on Italy's
Big Brother and previously dated Cristiano Ronaldo, added that although the sex of the baby is unknown, Mario will choose the name.

She started dating the Man City player at the start of last year but he was accused of meeting former escort
Jennifer Thompson – who had advertised herself as a 1,200-a-night call
girl under the name 'Juicy Jeni' and previously enjoyed a fling with Wayne Rooney – five times and had sex with her twice
behind Miss Fico’s back.

Last night the footballer was crying uncontrollably and pushed an official out of the way as he left the pitch following Italy's four goal thrashing.

The bad sportsman was eventually coaxed back on to the field but stayed alone on the pitch as he sat and contemplated the defeat.

Representatives for Balotelli and Fico have been contacted by the MailOnline for comment about the baby reports.

Father-to-be Mario Balotelli will take on Spain in the Euro 2012 final tonight and split from Fico following news of his affairs emerged

Father-to-be: Mario is reportedly trying to rebuild his relationship with Fico