Marilyn Monroe s wedding ring up for sale (but

Marilyn Monroe”s wedding ring from ill-fated marriage to Joe DiMaggio goes under the hammer

Happier times for Monroe and DiMaggio as they leave San Francisco

The two shared a passionate but tempestuous relationship The diamond eternity ring Joe DiMaggio gave to Marilyn Monroe on their wedding day is expected to sell for $500,000 (310,000)

The diamond eternity ring (right) given to Monroe by DiMaggio (pictured left on their wedding day) was the symbol of an ill-fated union that would not last the year

Marilyn Monroe sat for Earl Moran

Marilyn Monroe sat for Earl Moran”s colourful oil painting in 1948 or 1949. Monroe was a fan of the work, saying it made her legs look “wonderful”. The piece has a guide price of $70,000 to $90,000 (43,500 to 56,000)