Madonna’s brother is homeless, gets no help from his millionaire sister

Ever since Madonna ditched her surname and found the sinewy secret to eternal youth, we kinda forgot that she has a family… other than Lourdes and Rocco and those two kids she picked up in Africa.

Madonna has a brother. Actually, she has four brothers and three sisters. But her older brother Anthony Ciccone, 55, is the one who’s in real trouble.

Speaking to The Michigan Messenger, Madge’s big bro revealed that he’s been sleeping on the streets and relying on the kindness of churches and charities because his millionaire sis won’t have anything to do with him.

“My family turned their back on me, basically, when I was having a hard time,” he told the paper.

“You think I haven’t answered this kind of question a bazillion times – why my sister is a multibazillionarie, and I’m homeless on the street?

“Never say never,” added Anthony. “This could happen to anybody.”

Anthony became homeless more than a year ago after he lost his job at the family vineyard, run by his father Tony Ciccone, 80.

He now collects cans and bottles to make a few dollars a day, and relies on handouts from charities.