Made (up) In Chelsea: The club scenes are staged, the cocky doorman doesn"t work there… and none of the cast are members

Made (up) In Chelsea: The club scenes are staged, the cocky doorman doesn”t work there… and none of the cast are members

1:40 AM on 15th May 2011

It is the heavily hyped TV show which is meant to keep up with the antics of some of the poshest people in Britain. But what viewers saw in the first episode of Made In Chelsea is not all it seemed.

On first appearance all the cast are members of an exclusive nightclub and are welcomed by a flamboyant guest-list doorman.

But now it has been shown that none of the cast are members, the doorman does not work for the club and the inside scenes had to be shot in the day rather than at night – because none of the ‘wannabee’ socialites have the connections to gain membership. Sources have also revealed that an elaborate cast of extras, acting as fellow clubbers, barmen and doormen, were drafted in to help build the illusion.

Social risers: The E4 show

Social risers: The E4 show”s stars Caggie Dunlop and Milly Mackintosh – it has emerged scenes in Made In Chelsea are staged

Meanwhile, the nightclub Raffles has now admitted the scenes for the E4 reality TV series were staged.

The Kings Road haunt has seen Prince Harry, Prince William and Kate Middleton walk through its doors on a regular basis for years. Members pay a 400 joining fee and a 400 annual membership charge.

In last week’s opening episode of the show, the cast were shown attending the launch of socialite Amber Atherton’s jewellery collection at the club.

Those scenes left real members so shocked – as they watched the cast of pretenders lounging on the velvet sofas – that many wrote letters of complaint to the management.

The club now says in a statement: ‘We would like to confirm that the production company for Made In Chelsea have rented our venue on a few occasions – during the day – to film scenes for their television programme.

Faked: Ollie Locke was seen working as a doorman at Raffles club in Made In Chelsea, but doesn

Faked: Ollie Locke was seen working as a doorman at Raffles club in Made In Chelsea, but doesn”t actually work there

‘The hire-outs were standard day-time venue hire that we were very happy to accommodate.

‘We wish them and the cast the best of luck with the TV programme. We will be maintaining our strict policy of allowing access for members and their friends only during normal evening trading hours.’

Raffles also admitted that doorman Ollie Locke, the 24-year-old son of BBC radio presenter Sarah Locke – who was seen on the programme flicking his long dark hair and clutching a clipboard – doesn’t actually work at the venue.

A source close to Hugo Taylor, who came up with the idea for the show and stars in it, said yesterday: ‘Hugo has been touting this programme around for more than two years.

‘He made a pilot in 2008 and for a while MTV seemed to be interested – but many of the genuine socialites and high-society members he had signed up dropped out when they realised it could affect their social standing.

‘Even Princess Eugenie was being mooted to make a cameo but like many others she pulled out.’

A Raffles spokesman said last night: ‘We have a lot of Royals and A-List celebrities so we would never allow filming to take place for real. All the scenes were set up – it wasn’t a case of the cameras following the cast around. We never comment on memberships and we would never allow filming, even during the day, in the VIP lounge.’

The nearby champagne bar Beaufort House, a favourite of Chelsy Davy, has banned the cast from setting up scenes – as have Royal favourites Barts, Maggie’s, Boujis and Public – owned by Prince William’s best friend Guy Pelly.

“Real club members were outraged by the scenes”: Raffles club was used for new reality show Made In Chelsea, yet its cast do not have memberships