Love at birth sight: Couple born on same maternity ward tie knot 22 years later

A couple have proved are destined to be together from the cradle to the grave after tying the knot – 22 years since they were separated at birth.

Both Richard and Kayleigh Brookes' mothers were in hospital at the same time in 1989 giving birth to them on the same maternity ward.

Years later, the two were put in the same class at secondary school and became first loves at the tender age of fifteen.

Richard and Kayleigh Brookes

Richard and Kayleigh Brookes tied the knot last Saturday in Halesowen, seven years after getting together

And it seems Cupid’s arrow was always going to bring the pair together, as they have now completed their fairy-tale with a white wedding last Saturday at St John the Baptist Church in Halesowen, West Midlands.

'We couldn’t believe it when we realised our mothers were in the hospital at the same time,' said Richard.

'I was born on April 22 and Kayleigh on April 25 but my mother had to stay on the ward for a week so they were there at the same time.

Richard and Kayleigh Brookes

Richard as a baby

The couple were born three days apart at the same hospital in 1989

'I was always in trouble at school and once I got beaten up and only Kayleigh texted to see how I was. After that we started going out and we’ve never spent a day apart since.

'Everyone said it wouldn’t work, including the teachers, but we have proved everyone wrong and I could not be more happy.'

Delivery driver Richard, 22, proposed to Kayleigh at her 21st birthday party surrounded by her family as it was also her father's birthday.

Richard and Kayleigh on their wedding day

Richard and Kayleigh completed their fairy tale with a dream wedding and honeymoon in Las Vegas

He got down on one knee to her favourite song – Boyzone’s ‘Every Day I Love You’ – before popping

Richard proposing at Kayleigh's 21st

Richard proposed to Kayleigh at her 21st birthday party

the question.

'Our families both really get on especially because what happened with our mothers so the wedding was like one big happy family,' added. Richard.

'The wedding was perfect, even if we had won the lottery beforehand we would have not changed a thing.'

The couple, who now live together in Oldbury, West Midlands, have since jetted off to Las Vegas for their honeymoon.

first met at school when they were 11-years-old but didn’t become close until Kayleigh sent Richard that text
after he was beaten up.

But lovestruck Kayleigh admitted she always had a soft spot for Richard and would flirt with him.

They got together soon after but picture-perfect story was so close to failing at the first hurdle.

at school said I shouldn’t go out with him as he was always getting
trouble and it wouldn’t last five minutes but we have proved everyone
wrong,' said the accounts assistant.

at school were horrible. Everyone warned me off him and told my mum and
dad he was trouble but they are still waiting to see any signs of

 School picture

Kayleigh and Richard we were in the same class at secondary school but didn't get together until they were 15

'My feelings were strong enough and I followed my own mind.

'We are like Romeo and Juliet but both our families get on together so the wedding day was perfect.

was lovely when we found out we were in the same ward together as
babies as it means we will be together from the start to finish of our
lives and we’ve never met anyone else who can say that.

'We are hoping we will be as lucky in Las Vegas as we have been in love.'

Richard and Kayleigh Brookes


Kayleigh, right, admitted she has always had a soft spot for Richard, left, even before they started dating