Look into my eyes… using your webcam: How hi-tech hypnotherapist is treating busy clients over the internet



14:29 GMT, 9 August 2012

A hypnotherapist has found an unusual way of taking care of her busy clients – by treating them over the internet.

Mary Beth Hazeldine decided to introduce hypnotherapy over the web as a way of helping people more quickly and conveniently.

The online service has been so popular since she launched it earlier this year, she now treats the majority of her clients using Skype or over the telephone.

Convenient: Mary Beth said hypnotherapy can be just as effective over the internet as face-to-face as the client can be in more relaxed and familiar surroundings (posed by models)

Convenient: Mary Beth said hypnotherapy can be just as effective over the internet as face-to-face as the client can be in more relaxed and familiar surroundings (posed by model)

The therapist said the innovative move means she can treat her clients out-of-office hours and when they are most in need of help.

some people may be skeptical of the effectiveness of a treatment that is
not face-to-face, Mary Beth says the therapy can actually be more
effective as 'the client is more relaxed in their own home or in
familiar surroundings.'

means I am able to treat somebody when they most need help,' she
added. 'For example, somebody suffering from insomnia can schedule a
therapy session just before they go to bed at night.

a client has a fear of public speaking, they can have a therapy session
over the internet just before their presentation or, if they are
suffering from a fear of flying, just before they take a flight.'

Beth treats fears and phobias, stress and anxiety, sleeping disorders
and depression as well as helping clients lose weight and stop smoking.

She explains how hypnotherapy works on her website. She writes: 'You will gently be guided into a relaxing comfortable trance, where you are more suggestible. While in this state, you can come out of it anytime you wish to resume regular consciousness, but you will find that you want to stay in this stress-free, peaceful state.

'You will consciously hear what I am saying and you can accept or reject any of the positive suggestions I will be making to you. It is perfectly safe and you are never out of control.'

CASE STUDY: 'I was hypnotised in my bedroom'

Cured: Olivia used to be afraid of flying

Cured: Olivia used to be afraid of flying

Mary Beth treated Olivia Pankhurst, 18, for her fear of flying via Skype before she was due to fly to Boston.

Olivia said: 'I work as well as attend
college so I was finding it hard to find the time to travel to Mary Beth's
hypnotherapy practice in Leatherhead.

'The Skype session was so easy
and I was able to do it while sitting in my bedroom. It was great and
it made me feel so much more at ease than walking into a strange
practice to be hypnotised by someone I don't know.

'I couldn't believe it but after just one hypnotherapy session, I was no longer afraid of
flying. I was so relaxed and confident on my flight.'

Clients have been taking advantage of
Mary Beth's internet sessions when on business trips or when
they find it difficult to visit her office in Leatherhead, Surrey.

But some people remain uneasy about
the idea of being hypnotised because they won't want to be 'out of it'
and have a fear of not waking up. This fear could be heightened when
being hypnotised over the internet or phone – what if the connection is
lost or the signal cuts out when you're in a trance

Mary Beth said these fears are
unsubstantiated. 'Some people fear that they will get stuck in a trance,
but this is impossible,' she said.

She added that many of the misconceptions on hypnotherapy comes from stage show hypnosis and TV shows.

'Many people believe that they will
lose consciousness when they are hypnotised, but this is not true.
Hypnosis is similar to meditation and you are normally fully aware of
what is going on around you,' she explained.

Mary Beth has been overwhelmed by how
successful her online scheme has been. Not only is it convenient for
her clients, she can also be anywhere in the world – including her
second home in Spain – when she does treatments.

'My clients are saved the trouble and
expense of travelling and I can even offer a big discount because there
aren't the overheads that I have when using my office.

'It means I can now reach clients all
over the world. My services are no longer restricted to a 50-mile
radius from my practice. My clients can now benefit from telephone or
Skype hypnotherapy whether they are in Europe, the Americas or Asia,'
she added.

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