Katy Perry Still Looks Pregnant

Katy Perry Looked Pregnant Again
After a long week of child rape coverage ending with an old-time Hollywood murder mystery, it’s time to get back to what this site does best: Saying women who put on a few pounds are clearly pregnant. So here’s Katy Perry still looking knocked up after two weeks. As usual, I could be way off, and she’s simply pulling a Jessica Simpson. (Read: Completely letting herself go while her breasts do all the work.) Except the only problem there is Jessica Simpson never ran around in a Hershey Kiss bikini, but then again, Papa Joe has strict rules about her dressing like candy. For work purposes anyway. Family functions, go nuts. “Put on them M&M unmentionables, baby doll. Daddy wants to watch ya get hungry in about five minutes from whiffin’ that sugah.”