Katy Perry divorce: Did singer"s partying lead to Russell Brand filing for divorce?

Was it Katy Perry”s partying that led to Russell Brand filing for divorce New claims suggest He told HER to tone her lifestyle down

He never liked her friends, such as popstar RihannaHe would leave early from award ceremonies, not accompanying her to the after-partyThey never sat down to figure out how the marriage would work, such as where they would live
Were reportedly having daily conference calls with a therapist even before the wedding

Katy Perry”s friends noticed that her husband Russell Brand seemed to chip away at the scale of her achievements during their 14-month marriage.

Ifhe had to turn up to support her at an awards ceremony, he would leave before the celebrations got going at the after-party – and then fetch her, sullenly and soberly, at its conclusion.

He never liked her friends such as the fun-loving singer Rihanna.


It”s all over: New claims suggest Russell Brand filed for divorce from Katy Perry because of her hard partying

The recovered drug and sex addict disapproved strongly of her benders – such as a long day-into-night party in Rio earlier thisyear.

Thanks to her massive California Dreams tour they spent virtually no time together and even when they had to walk a red carpet together they were clearly ill at ease.


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As summer faded, both said that they were looking forward to spending more time together, but whenever they managed to snatch a few days it only highlighted the fact that they had married without actually settling any of the nuts and bolts of how their marriage was going to work.

Where would they live How would they see enough of each other And when might they have babies were all questions which remained unresolved to the end.

The couple reportedly were having daily conference calls with a relationshiptherapist even before the wedding, which should really have been an omen.

In the end there was a final explosive row about Christmas plans which persuaded both that there was no way to rescue a marriage inwhich they had spent far more time apart than together. Some estimate that they spent little more than a month and a half together in their 14months as man and wife.

What will now become of 27-year-old Miss Perry’s fortune

Ocean Ocean

Ocean”s apart: The comedian was seen in London yesterday without his wedding ring and Katy was last seen celebrating Christmas with friends in Hawaii

One EMI executive said: ‘I have never seen anyone who can make money like Katy Perry’ – she had global hit after global hit and her tour was a juggernaut. She is thought to have earned in excess of 20million in the period of her marriage alone.

Miss Perry, sensibly, fully exploited her fame, knowing that the last year would probably be the biggest of her career. That it did not leave much time for Brand, 36, whom she called ‘RustyRockets’ was – they both thought – acalculated risk.

They would in the early days promise each other that once they had clocked up a good year of slog, they could then spendtime building a life together. Now her lawyers probably will be wishingthat she had signed a pre-nup rather than relying upon crossed fingers,as under Californian law Brand could become a wealthy individual thanksto his role as her other half.

Girl power: Brand is said to have disapproved of Katy

Girl power: Brand is said to have disapproved of Perry”s friends, including hard-partying Rihanna

They met at the MTV Music Awards in September 2009, the year after Miss Perry had her first hit song with I Kissed A Girl. He propositioned her from the stage, and she flirtatiously threw a bottle of water at his head.

Three months laterhe proposed marriage, and they were wed in October 2010 in an extravagant affair at a luxury resort in Rajasthan in northern India.

Significantly,the ceremony was both Hindu – a nod to Brand who is committed to that religion – and Christian. Miss Perry’s family pastor conducted the ceremony.

They were never, perhaps, the easiest two people to put together. Brand, a likely lad from Essex, has boasted about his previouslifestyle in which he was addicted to alcohol and crack, and would sleep with prostitutes and fans.

Katy’s parents are devout Christians who run an evangelical-style ministry in Orange County. After the wedding, Brand and his bride moved into a house in the Los Feliz area ofLos Angeles, although neither of them spent much time there.

Brand was off filming almost permanently, and his new wife was touring. In February this year, Arthur, a remake of the Dudley Moore movie, was released in America.

It was universally panned. Brand was stung, and for a time an air of gloom and introspection replaced his usual confident swagger.

In the summer, an apparent attempt, however, was made at laying down roots when they paid 4.2million for a Spanish-stylemansion in the Hollywood Hills. But they never properly moved in.

Astime passed, Brand put the embarassment of Arthur behind him and began filming a new movie, Rock of Ages. Miss Perry visited him on set, but was off travelling much of the time with her tour.

Brand was seen arm-in-arm with an attractive crew member. Miss Perry was said to have formed a close attachment to one of her dancers. The gossip about them reached a deafening pitch.

Last public appearance: The couple walked the red carpet together at a benefit in Los Angeles on December 3

Last public appearance: The couple walked the red carpet together at a benefit in Los Angeles on December 3

Earlier this month, the rumour mill went into overdrive, with speculation she had filed for divorce. Appearing days later on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Brand was asked about the claims. ‘What! She should have told me!’ he joked.

Despite his wishto keep the marriage going, it proved impossible. One problem was said to be that Miss Perry did not think that her husband respected her parents or friends’ Christian beliefs.

Perhaps it was inevitable thenthat this second Christmas would be a test. Brand had arranged to fly his wife and her parents to the UK.

But the plans went out of the window when, according to online magazine U.S. Weekly, the couple had a ‘massive fight’. A source reportedly said: ‘She was like, “**** you. I’mgoing to do my own thing.” Russell replied, “Fine, **** you, too.”’

Bythis week both had removed their wedding rings. The failure of the marriage probably pains them both; but it comes as not much of a surprise to anyone.