Kate Silverton: Motherhood is my toughest assignment yet

Motherhood is my toughest assignment yet: Kate Silverton on her 'miracle' baby

When Kate Silverton joined Lorraine Kelly on the sofa of her TV breakfast show earlier this month, it seemed inevitable that the BBC presenter would be heading back to work as soon as possible.

But Ms Silverton – who gave birth to Clemency in November – has revealed that she is not planning on returning to the BBC any time soon.

'I’m not keen to leave Clemency at the moment – she’s too precious!' Kate said.

Glowing with pride: Kate Silverton showed off her daughter Clemency outside the ITV studios this morning

Pleased to meet you! Kate Silverton shows off her daughter, Clemency, after appearing on Lorraine earlier this month

Besides, the new mother is short enough on sleep already, without BBC Breakfast's demanding early mornings or the pressure of presenting the BBC News at One.

Kate has also revealed that parenting is much harder than she thought it would be – motherhood is her toughest assignment yet.

She said: 'My sisters used to phone me and say it was hard [with their kids, before Kate had Clemency].

'Amy would ring me and be saying “I'm
having a really hard day” and I'd be running around dealing with
deadlines or going off to Afghanistan [where Kate reported from in September 2009] and I'd think “you don't know what
tough is”.

'But now I know.'

Shared her story: Kate went through four unsuccessful cycles of IVF before conceiving

Well worth the wait: Ms Silverton went through four cycles of IVF over two years before conceiving naturally

Kate, 41, fell pregnant naturally after four failed attempts at IVF over two years.

The BBC presenter, who is married to
Michael Heron, a former Royal Marine, describes her pregnancy as a
‘miracle’ and was over the moon when she discovered she was expecting.

'It was utterly joyous discovering we were pregnant. People said we might worry more but actually it was quite the reverse.

'Initially it was tough because I had a big bleed at nine week and at A & E they said I’d miscarried.

'Having then discovered the next day that she was still around and the fact that she had been conceived naturally to us was a total miracle, so I just thought she's meant to be and really relaxed into the pregnancy.

Natural mother: Kate Silverton with her daughter Clemency, who was conceived just weeks after the BBC presenter stopped her IVF treatment

Natural mother: the TV presenter with her
daughter Clemency, in her nursery

'I'm not a big worrier actually.

'I suppose my overall outlook is a bit like that – I'm rather fatalistic about things. So when we thought we couldn't have children, after the initial heartache, I thought “well this is my lot and many people have tough times and this is just my cross to bear”.'

Going through so many IVF cycles was difficult, though.

The presenter, who was talking to parentdish.co.uk said: 'What
upset me more than the things people might say was when I felt they
thought they couldn't talk to me about it all and it remained the
elephant in the room.

Helping hand: Kate's husband Mike Heron was there to lend some support during their arrival

Hands on parents: Kate with her husband, Michael Heron, a former Royal Marine

Happy couple: Miss Silverton and Mr Heron on their wedding day in December 2010 at St Bride's Church in Fleet Street

Happy couple: Miss Silverton and Mr Heron on their wedding day in December 2010 at St Bride's Church in Fleet Street

'Some people said to me, “it'll be fine, it'll work out” and that was rather annoying as I'd been told that it wouldn't.

'A friend of mine later said she knew it wouldn't necessarily be fine, but she felt embarrassed and didn't know what else to say.

'I suppose I feel more confident talking about it now – I've had a foot in both camps.

'When I know someone is going through this, I talk honestly and ask about how they are. I think that can be more cathartic than ignoring it totally.'

But seeing how happy Ms Silverton is with her daughter – especially after all the heartbreak she went through before getting pregnant – must be the best inspiration for those going through what she did.