Look like a model in five and a half minutes: Kate Moss’s choreographer promises to get you fit, fierce and flexible



15:58 GMT, 4 September 2012

As far as modelling competitions go the Elite Model Look contest is in the supers league.

Launched in 1983 the model search has discovered a staggering stable of model mega talent including Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Gisele Bundchen, Alessandra Ambrosio and woman of the moment Lara Stone.

And to celebrate this year's competition the agency teamed up with London's famous Pineapple dance studios to create a mini workout that promises to get wannabe models as well as mere mortals fit, fierce and flexible in just five minutes.

Pineapple choreographer Mark Battershall

Kate Moss appears during the Olympic Games Closing Ceremony at the Olympic Stadium, London

Choreographer Mark Battershall devised the workout with models like Kate Moss in mind

Mark puts wannabe models through their paces in bootcamp

Mark puts wannabe models through their paces in bootcamp

Devised by Mark Battershall, one of Pineapple’s leading choreographers who has worked with hundreds of models including Kate Moss, Elite used this workout during the boot camp section of the competition process to help motivate the wannabes.

The workout has cardio, stretching, co-ordination, conditioning and freestyle sections to challenge different aspects of fitness.

Mark says: ‘Elite gave me an age range of 14 to 26, I thought, “I’m wanting high energy, young, sexy, fresh”. I wanted to create something accessible for everybody from the office worker who doesn’t have time to get into gym to the mum at home looking after two kids who doesn’t feel comfortable doing a work out.’

VIDEO: Watch the full workout here


He is passionate about the impact Jessica Ennis’ stomach has had on exercise's PR, and inspired to get the nation moving.

says: ‘In five minutes you don’t feel like you’ve done a big workout
but you’ve actually worked some major groups in the body, you’ve got
your blood rate pumping and your heart rate going. It sets you up for
the day.’

The freestyle section was added particularly with modelling in mind.

He says: ‘Some casting
directors will get you to do most obscure things. You need to be
confident with your body, no inhibitions. I wanted to bring this out in
the models.

Some brands book models that can move and expect you to be
able to freestyle.

'You don’t have to be best dancer in world but you
have to be able to use your body, express yourself, and show

Winning looks: This year's Elite Model Look winner Gillian Matthew

Winning looks: This year's Elite Model Look winner Gillian Matthew


Femail's Deni Kirkova (second right) poses with Mark and two dancers at the studio

'When Elite invited me down to to
try the modeldance workout for the sake of investigative
journalism, I agreed, but thought, “How in five minutes, or ever at all,
is Battershall going to turn dumpy little me into a model However much
I diet or exercise I’ll never grow in height. What’s this workout all

'I’m not the most insecure young woman but I was also not looking forward
to exercising with a bunch of tall and skinnies. Wearing leggings. In a
room with mirrored walls.

'But on arrival, much to my delight, I was informed the models had
already had their turn and I was to practice it with other journalists
and Battershall to lead the way. And once we got into it, it was a lot
of fun.

'He got us jumping, crunching, plieing and free-styling, while working up
a sweat. He gave us tips on stretching through the moves correctly,
proper push ups and ‘squeezing your tummy and your butt’ in the plank

'Most of the routine was quite straightforward, but nothing
could prepare me for the fast hand to eye co-ordination needed for some
of the arm movements.

'Laughing, I was just grateful I wasn’t being
judged on it. I can see how this is good for them though. The proper models.'