Kate Moss under fire after shooting "embarrassingly similar" campaigns for rival jewellers

Kate Moss under fire after shooting “embarrassingly similar” campaigns for rival jewellers

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then designer David Yurman should feel honoured by Kate Moss” latest advertising campaign.

However, the supermodel has come under attack from the rival jewellery brand who say her new campaign is “embarrassingly similar” to one in which she appeared in for them just over a year ago.

The most recent campaign features Kate Moss modeling her own collection of jewellery designed for French brand Fred, which contains a number of pieces inspired by her many tattoos.

Kate Moss in ad campaign for jewellery brand Fred Kate Moss in ad campaign for jewellery brand David Yurman

Dead ringer: Kate Moss models her jewellery collection in a new advertising campaign for Fred (left) which has been described as “embarrassingly similar” to a previous campaign she appeared in for David Yurman (right)

The pictures were taken by Sonia Sieff and show Kate in a sexy “come-hither” pose with tousled blonde hair.

Last year, Kate was photographed by PeterLindbergh in a campaign for David Yurman”s Spring 2011 collection in which she also appears with tousled hair and sultry pose.

The similarities between the pictures have been slammed by Kate”s previous employer who say they are used to people copying them.

“The Fred campaign is embarrassingly similar to the one David Yurman ran a year ago,” a spokesperson for Yurman said.

Kate Moss models her jewellery collection for Fred

Double take: With her tousled blonde hair and sultry pose Kate Moss models her jewellery collection for Fred (above) and in a similar pose in the David Yurman campaign (below)

Kate Moss models David Yurman jewellery

“When you are a leader in your category, you get used to people copying you. We are confident consumers know the difference.”

In one of the pictures from the Fred campaign Kate appears topless on a sheepskin rug, mouth slightly open, holding a ring-clad hand up to her hair. The pose is reminiscent of that featured in the previous David Yurman shoot.

Kate”s latest venture with Paris-based jewelers Fred, contains 22 accessories including a ring inspired by an anchor tattoo shared by the 37-year-old and her husband Jamie Hince.

The tattoo, displayed on Kate”s right arm in the most recent photo shoot appears to have airbrushed out of the Yurman adverts.

Prices for the Fred collection range from 300 to a whopping 30,000 for a ruby and diamond necklace and follows Kate”s design collaborations with TopShop, Rimmel and Longchamp.