Kate Moss says daughter "Lila Grace is quite prudish"

‘Lila Grace is quite prudish’: How Kate Moss’s daughter DOESN’T take after her mother

6:10 PM on 10th October 2011

Kate and Lila

Daughter knows best: Kate Moss”s little girl, Lila Grace, prefers her mother to sport the “natural look”

Kate Moss on the set of the new Rimmel campaign

Kate is currently promoting a new range of lipsticks with Rimmel

Wear red lipstick
“You think ofMarilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly, and it”s always about thelips”Use Kohl eyeliner
“You can get really good liquid liners now thatare easy to use and precise, but if it goes wrong, you still haveto start all over again, not like with kohl, when you can smudge itout” Blusher is essential…
“I can feel when I need it. I use a powderand then a cream blush over the top to get a bit of a glow”…As are eyelash curlers
“Idon”t feel complete without them, it”s one of those things. Thesecret to a false last look is] curling and then tons and tons andtons of mascara”Always wear sunblock
“I was a real sun-worshipper -I loved it, boiling and lying out there. But now I don”t do that…Now I have factor 50 – I had never put on factor 50 in mylife!”