Kate Middleton praised by David Bailey but he "can"t be bothered" with Lady Gaga

David Bailey praises 'beautiful' Duchess of Cambridge but 'can't be bothered' for divas like Gaga

David Bailey reveals that he is unimpressed by the modern celebrity

David Bailey reveals that he is unimpressed by the modern celebrity

He's one of the world's most sought-after photographers.

And during his illustrious career David Bailey has snapped thousands of well-known faces, from Kate Moss to the Krays.

But after more than five decades in the industry, the 74-year-old is disillusioned with the modern celebrity and describes most politicians as 'educated fools'.

In a recent interview he revealed that he decided to call off a shoot with Lady Gaga because of her diva antics.

'There were too many rumours about her storming out and being silly.

I can’t be bothered. If she can sing, why wear funny clothes Ella
Fitzgerald never wore funny clothes', he told The Telegragh.

then goes on to describe Edie Campbell – who aged 18 was picked to front Marc Jacobs and Burberry campaigns alongside Kate Moss – plainly as, 'all right'.

Despite his grievances, there are two ladies that win his affection.

Although he is yet to work with her, he simply describes the Duchess of Cambridge as 'very beautiful'.

Meanwhile he states that one of his favourite subjects, Margaret Thatcher – affectionately referred to as 'toots' – is a ' very smart' woman.

However, the latest revelations are nothing new, and Bailey is known for his outspoken remarks.

Duchess of Cambridge


Leading ladies: David Bailey praises the Duchess of Cambridge and the Iron Lady

He once caused outcry when he claimed it was a 'myth' that the late Princess Diana was a great beauty.

And offering comfort to Lady Gaga, he famously called off a shoot with Picasso for French Vogue because he was worried about his nerves.

His colourful private life has also been scrutinised, following affairs with numerous beauties including Sixties model Jean Shrimpton and IT girl
Penelope Tree.

But he states: 'My exploits are nothing now to the average person.'

Bailey's romantic dalliances are subject of a new new BBC4 drama,
'We’ll Take Manhattan’, set to be released later this month.

He was born in east London in 1938 and, after teaching himself photography and serving in
the RAF, launched his photographic career at Vogue.