Kate Middleton and Cheryl Cole love it, but can you bear the panda look?

The eyes have it: The A-list love it, but can you bear the panda look

Kate Middleton Emma Watson

Smokey: Kate Middleton, left, and actress Emma Watson are big fans of the kohl-rimmed look

Sarah Jessica Parker Victoria Beckham

Starry-eyed: A-listers Sarah Jessica Parker and Victoria Beckham specialise in creating the perfect peepers

Dannii Minogue Keira Knightley

Sparkling: Dannii Minogue and Keira Knightley ensure their eyes pop by applying mascara to the lower lashes

Penelope Cruz Cheryl Cole

Sultry: Bronzed beauties Penelope Cruz and Cheryl Cole accentuate their dark good looks with thick eyeliner

Kate Moss Kelly Brook

Model behaviour: Kate Moss and Kelly Brook both love to play up their eyes with heavy make-up

Elizabeth Hurley Carol Vorderman

Brilliant brunettes: Liz Hurley and Carol Vorderman favour high-impact mascara and charcoal eyeshadow