Justin Lee Collins" ex Anna Larke is appalled at his sentence but admits she might still love the comedian

'Emotional abuse can be more damaging than physical abuse': Justin Lee Collins' ex Anna Larke is appalled at his sentence but admits she might still love the comedian
'Terrifying campaign' of abuse included death threats, weight taunts and cutting off all contact with friends and familyCollins convicted of harassment causing fear of violenceSentenced to 140 hours community service and ordered to pay 3,500 costs

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12:10 GMT, 15 October 2012



13:43 GMT, 15 October 2012

Justin Lee Collins' ex-girlfriend Anna Larke has revealed that she is horrified at the sentence handed to her controlling ex after a judge ordered the comedian to do just 140 hours community service and pay 3,500 in costs.

Appearing on ITV1's Daybreak, 38-year-old Anna wanted to speak out about her harassment at the hands of her ex to give a voice to other women – and men – trapped in abusive relationships.

She said: 'I was
pleased that he got convicted, but I was appalled at the sentence –
community service for what he did. I want to send
out the message that emotional abuse can be more damaging than physical
abuse, external bruises fade but the bruises inside
me they are still there, it’s really hard.'

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Anna Larke appears on Daybreak TV programme

Justin Lee Collins arrives at St Albans Crown Court

Anna Larke appeared on Daybreak this morning to discuss her abusive relationship with comedian Justin Lee Collins who was sentenced last week

In her first television interview since Collins was convicted of harassment causing her fear of violence on at least two occasions Anna, from West London, revealed that although she left Collins over his behaviour it was actually her father who went to the police and convinced her to press charges.

She said: 'I didn’t actually go to the police. When I left him on July 4, I just went home to my parents and slept in the spare room and for about two and half months I was just crying and looking at websites about domestic abuse because I was always one of these people who just thought, “I'd never put up with that. The minute someone swore at me I'd be gone”.

'But it was my dad who went to the police. I was reluctant to, but I spoke to them and they were amazing and I just thought there is no way I can let him get away with this because who’s he going to hurt next'

Anna Larke appeared on the show to give a voice to the other men and women stuck in abusive relationships

Anna Larke appeared on the show to give a voice to the other men and women stuck in abusive relationships

When asked why she put up with the abuse, she said: 'I absolutely adored him, he was the love of my life. In the beginning he was so lovely, but gently, ever so – I don’t know how they do it, but the abuse is just sort of drip fed, and by the time that you’re in love and completely smitten and I’ve moved in with him and everything, then you think, “Oh my God, he’s a control freak” because I’ve got no friends now.

'When we were first together it was absolutely amazing. He was just so wonderful, kind, generous, lovely, love of my life actually, and I just thought to myself, “How on earth did I ever get so lucky”.'

Collins' controlling behaviour included stopping her speaking to friends and family, dictating what she should wear, taunts about her weight and pushing her in front of a moving car.

He even made her write down a list of anyone she had ever been intimate with on a pad of paper.

Anna said: 'By doing the pad he had a
complete record of my past, which is the ultimate control and he would use
it against me.'

Incredibly Anna told hosts Aled Jones and Lorraine Kelly that she doesn’t know
whether she still loves her ex.

She said: 'I think so, yes. I think so, I don’t know. I'm so confused, my head is still kind of confused about it.'

VIDEO: Watch the secret taping of Justin Lee Collins that was used as evidence in the trial, see the full interview at itv.com/Daybreak