Justin Bieber has a rival in "Workout Kid" CJ Senter, 10, but is he a healthy example?

Meet the ten-year-old fitness guru developing a following to rival Bieber – but is he setting a healthy example

10:26 PM on 11th October 2011

CJ Senter

Healthy… or harmful: Medical experts have expressed concern about the intense child fitness regimes of CJ Senter, ten, from Locust Grove, Georgia, who is soaring to fame under his alias Workout Kid

CJ Senter CJ Senter

Toned: The elementary school-age fitness guru boasts an impressive “eight-pack” of muscles on his stomach

CJ Senter

Watch out Bieber: CJ is a huge hit among his peers – his guest appearances are akin to those of pop stars

Proud: CJ

Proud: CJ”s parents insist that their son”s unlikely career is not forced, and that there is no financial motive