Justin Bieber Cheating on Selena Gomez with Shirtless Brunette?

A photograph of Justin Bieber kissing an unknown brunette on a beach has just surfaced on the Internet. Although the brunette’s identity is unknown, one thing is certain. She’s not Selena Gomez. Oops.

Rumors of a Jelena break-up have been around for literally as long as there’s been a Jelena. And, of course, the Mariah Yeater-Justin Bieber love child scandal shocked everyone. Now, a photo has suddenly appeared on Facebook revealing a shirtless Teen Dream locking lips on the beach with a sexy brunette who also appears to be topless. Yikes. Does poor, put-upon Biebs have even more ‘splainin’ to do?

Possibly. In the photograph which you can scrutinize by clicking here, Justin and the unknown girl look pretty intimate. JB is lying on his back with his right hand beneath his head. His mystery woman, clad in only a gold chain necklace and a black bangle bracelet, is cupping his chin in her left hand. Her long dark brown hair is falling over one side of his face. Unfortunately for him, it’s the side furthest away from the camera. The guy definitely looks like JB. But is he?

That’s the question being asked on the Justin Bieber fan site that discovered the photo. Is that really Justin Bieber or just a clone? And, if he is the real Biebs, is the whole pic photoshopped? That, too, is possible.

Not surprisingly, when a poll was set up to ask that very question, a 41.96% majority of those polled responded: “Fake! Fake! Edited!” Although 18.91% believed the photo was unedited, they thought the guy getting kissed was a Justin Bieber look-alike. A close 20.4% thought both the pic and the man were 100% genuine. And 18.74% just couldn’t maked up their minds.

Hopefully, either the pic or the “Biebs” appearing in it or both will turn out to be phonies–if only for Selena Gomez’s sake. In the meantime, however, what do you think?