Jurassic Park meets The Blair Witch Project: Eccentric but lazy film is fun to watch



00:49 GMT, 10 August 2012

The Dinosaur Project
Verdict: Old hat but fun

In The Dinosaur Project, explorers go in search of a lost world with high-tech video cameras. Their target: the Mokele Mbembe, a Loch Ness monsterlike creature lurking in the depths of the Congo.

This is an eccentrically British attempt to paste together two very different genres: stupendous dinosaur epic, like Jurassic Park, and found-footage fake documentary, like The Blair Witch Project.

Surprisingly, the movie isn’t let down by the animated dinosaurs, which are impressive in the way they look and in how they interact with the humans.

Nessie The film is a mishmash of genres - but still fun to watch

Nessie The film is a mishmash of genres – but still fun to watch

Harmless: The film could teach directors a lot about mistakes

Harmless: Directors could learn a lot from the film's mistakes

The problem is something that could have been put right before the picture went into production.

The script is a lazy hotchpotch of recycled elements: the stowaway child from Jurassic Park 2, cute little dinos from Jurassic Park 3, father-son friction resolving itself from James Cameron’s Sanctum, and the guy who suddenly turns traitor and starts over-acting.

Despite all those faults, I’m glad I saw it. It’s harmless fun, and I was never bored. Best of all, like Trollhunter, it shows how quite an ambitious film can be made these days for very little money.

Many people could learn from this film’s achievements — and its mistakes.