More than just lipstick! Julianne Moore reveals transformation into Sarah Palin for Game Change took TWO hours every day



07:54 GMT, 13 March 2012

Sarah Palin has been teasing her supporters for months with sporadic appearances as the Republican candidates battle for the nomination but for this weekend at least, another Mama Grizzly stole the spotlight from her.

Julianne Moore's role as the former Alaska Governor and vice-presidential candidate in HBO's Game Change has set tongues wagging not only in praise of her compelling performance but also because of her uncanny physical likeness to Mrs Palin, 48.

The flame-haired actress, 51, underwent two hours of make-up every day to complete the look and emerged unrecognisable. As herself, that is.

Julianne Moore spent two hours in make-up to transform into Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin

Major change! Julianne Moore (left) revealed she spent two hours in make-up to transform into the character of Sarah Palin (right) for HBO's Game Change in which she plays the former Alakska Governor in 2008

In order to create the almost identical appearance, every detail of Ms Moore's aspect was examined, compared and altered, from the wig she wore right down to the skin colour and shape of her jaw line.

Sharing details about the cosmetic process with People, she explained: 'There was contouring. 'We have a different architecture to our faces.'

But the biggest transformation for
the actress was the change the skin tone. She told the gossip magazine:
'She’s very tanned and I’ve never been tan in my life. So just changing
my skin to that color took a lot.

'I don’t tan, I just get freckly, so we had to cover up my freckles, then darken my skin.'

Julianne Moore channels Sarah Palin in Game Change

Sarah Palin and Todd Palin

Uncanny: The actress had her skin tone darkened dramatically and the contours of her face re-worked

The lips and eyes were also cheated by redrawing the shape of the mouth and wearing contact lenses.

Dr Mitchell Cassel who worked on
Nicole Kidman's eyes for The Hours enlarged the area of the iris on the
contact lens so that Ms Moore's peepers appeared larger and darker like
her protagonist's.

course, no Sarah Palin imitation would be complete without those
fine-framed spectacles. The star explained: 'The glasses were exactly
the same ones [Palin] wears, but they were scaled down because my face
is a little bit smaller.'

For Ms Moore's family it was the hair
that completed the look. Husband Bart Freundlich told People: 'We took
some pictures with the kids, and it’s like us with Sarah Palin.

We weren’t freaking out, because
we’ve all been on so many sets with her. But it was kind of eerie,
uncanny. Being a guy, I couldn’t dissect it, to figure out what was
making her look like that.'

Julianne Moore spent two hours in make-up to transform into Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin

Hair today… Ms Moore's husband explained that the difference that changed her the most for him was her wig

Julianne Moore spent two hours in make-up to transform into Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin

Metamorphosis: The star wore contact lenses with an enlarged iris to make eyes look bigger and darker

'When she would take off the wig, I’d think, ‘Oh, that was a wig!'

Co-star Sarah Paulson commended the actress beyond her cosmetic transformation: 'It was the great jacket, [the clothes] were all perfect.

'But what she did with her body and her voice… it was her physicality, the way she stood. [She] was a dead ringer.'

Ms Moore surprised even herself with the metamorphosis. She admitted: 'It was pretty interesting, because I’d forget sometimes. We had long days.

'So when you came into the makeup trailer and you started to wipe it all off, it was always a surprise that it was me again. People were like, “Oh, wow!”'