It's an eau-lection! Beauty brand launches 'Mint' Romney and 'O' bama body lotions… But which scent will prove most popular



15:23 GMT, 21 August 2012

A high-end beauty brand is launching Barack Obama and Mitt Romney-themed body lotions to celebrate the upcoming election.

From next week, Bliss will be adding
'Mint' Romney and the orange-scented 'O' bama to its product line-up.

In keeping with the theme, the mint-scented moisturiser is packaged in Republican red, while the orange version is blue.



Eau-lection: Bliss has launched two new body lotions to mark the upcoming election: the orange-scented 'O' bama (left) and minty 'Mint' Romney (right)

Barack Obama

Mitt Romney

Which has the scent of success The lotions, inspired by President Obama (left) and Mitt Romney (right) will be handed out at the upcoming party conventions

Bliss’s president, Mike Indursky, told the New York Times: 'There’s a lot of mean-spirited politicking going on. So we thought, “Why not have fun with it”'

He explained that the company would be handing out the lotions at the Republican convention in Tampa, Florida, next week, and the Democratic convention in Charlotte, North Carolina in September, and staff would be polling which people attendees prefer.

'It’s an “eau-lection,”' he joked.

From August 27, the brand will also be giving shoppers on its website the chance to choose one of the lotions as a gift if they spend $50 or more.

This is not the first time that Bliss has used a political theme for a product line. In early 2009, when Barack Obama succeeded George W Bush as President, the company unveiled a campaign for its waxing products with the strapline: 'Say Farewell to Bush'.

Bliss is much-loved by women in both the U.S. and UK for its wittily-named products.

The range also includes skincare such as 'No Zit Sherlock', 'The Youth As We Know It', and 'Porefector Gadget'.