Is Jennifer Aniston's engagement ring TOO BIG Eight-carat diamond is branded 'gaudy' and 'a showpiece' by style experts
The huge emerald-cut stone is more similar to the size and weight of a cocktail ring than a traditional engagement ring



14:20 GMT, 9 October 2012

Jennifer Aniston is known for her understated style. But the huge engagement ring she has been seen wearing in New Mexico is anything but.

The actress, 43, this weekend offered a first glimpse of the sparkler that Justin Theroux gave her when he proposed in August on his 41st birthday.

However some stylemakers have deemed the ring 'gaudy', finding fault with its impressive size.

It is not yet known who designed the ring, however the emerald-cut diamond is believed
to be a staggering eight carats, making it more akin to a cocktail sparkler than a traditional engagement ring.

Sparkler: Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston were seen in Santa Fe, New Mexico on Saturday where she showed off her engagement ring

First glimpse: Jennifer Aniston, pictured in Santa Fe, New Mexico this weekend, showed off the huge engagement ring that Justin Theroux proposed to her with in August

Finally flaunting it: She showed off her huge diamond as she caressed he fiance's face

Sparkler: The emerald-cut stone is believed to be a staggering eight carats

Indeed The Engagement Experts told MailOnline that the reported carat weight is more suitable for a quartz cocktail ring
than an engagement ring that can be worn every day.

But while many women would be delighted at that comparison, one style expert, who declined to be named, offered a rather more withering verdict on the ring.

'Jennifer's engagement ring is valuable, for sure, but a stone that size is not exactly sophisticated,' he told MailOnline.

'It looks like it belongs on the hand of a Real Housewife. This ring is completely at odds with Jennifer's clean and elegant look'

'In fact, one might argue that it is downright gaudy. It looks like it belongs on the hand of a Real Housewife. I love Jennifer's clean and elegant aesthetic – but this ring is completely at odds with that.'

The Engagement Experts said that without seeing the diamond or a gemologist certificate, it is difficult to establish a value, but all diamonds are valued according to 'the four Cs': cut, clarity, colour and carats (size).

However Ms Aniston's 'showpiece' is likely to be particularly special, thanks both to its extraordinary size and quality.

Down time: The couple were spotted in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where Ms Aniston is currently filming

Down time: The couple were spotted in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where Ms Aniston is currently filming

'An eight-carat diamond does not cost
the same as eight one-carat diamonds,' they explained. 'As the carat
size increases the price goes up exponentially because every carat added
to a diamond's weight makes it that much rarer and that much more

'Additionally an
emerald-cut diamond requires superior clarity because the large table
[the flat surface at the top of an emerald-cut stone] will show flaws
and inclusions more so than most of the other cuts.'


According to The Engagement Experts, Justin Theroux was likely under immense pressure to choose an extraordinary ring. They told MailOnline:

'It has the “wow” factor that it needed
to have given the recipient and her history in the spotlight – especially
concerning her personal life.

'That puts a ton of pressure on a guy and
we completely sympathize with the predicament he must have faced.

can't think of anyone else out there whose engagement and ring would
cause more hype and that just isn't fair on a guy who was likely already
nervous about popping the question.

'In some ways the ring is exactly what it had to be – over the top, not
comparable to anything else, and worthy of the attention it would
inevitably get.'

The couple, who have been enjoying a
break in Santa Fe where Ms Aniston is currently filming, got engaged in
New York this summer, following an intimate dinner at the Blue Hill
restaurant in Manhattan's Greenwich Village.

Shortly afterwards, a spokesman for Mr Theroux confirmed the news
with the statement: 'Justin Theroux had an amazing birthday on Friday,
receiving an extraordinary gift when his girlfriend, Jennifer Aniston,
accepted his proposal of marriage.'

According to Life & Style magazine Ms Aniston was thrilled with the ring the actor presented her with.

A source told the title: 'She was so happy and said she loves the ring. I think she was
overwhelmed and overjoyed by the size and beauty of it!'

Until now, Ms Aniston has been
wearing a simple gold band to mark the engagement. It is likely that,
like many newly-engaged women, she returned the ring to the jeweller so that it could be resized to fit her finger.

Meanwhile, the pair are reported to have chosen New Mexico as their wedding location.

A source told OK! Magazine: 'Jen has fallen in love with New Mexico, it has a very relaxed vibe that fits both her and Justin perfectly, so it would be a great place for them to have the wedding.'

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