'I'm going to stay a virgin until I'm 18': Daughter of Britain's youngest mum, who gave birth at 12, says she won't make the same mistake as her mother



08:26 GMT, 3 April 2012

Britain's youngest mother shocked the nation when she gave birth to a baby girl at the age of 12.

But rather than history repeating itself, Jenny Teague's daughter is determined not to make the same mistake.

Sasha, 15, said she was shocked and 'embarrassed' when she discovered how old her mother was when she had her.

Closer. L-R, Sasha Teague, 14, Jenny Bartlett, 27, and Lacey Mae, Dunn, 1 month, Bournemouth

Sasha Teague, left, with sister Lacy-Mae and mother Jenny, right, says she doesn’t want to have children unless she can support herself financially

And the teenager, from Dorset, who insists that she would never have a child unless she could support herself financially, says she has no interest in boys, despite the pressure she sometimes feels to have sex.

Sasha, who hopes to own her own hair and beauty salon, lives in a council house with her mother and her partner Adam, one-month old Lacy-Mae and ten-year-old Jessica, from Jenny's previous relationship.

Sasha told Closer magazine: 'I was embarrassed when, aged 12, I found out my mum was just 12 herself when she had me – I was devastated. I don’t really tell people about it.

 L-R, Jessica Bartlett, 9, Adam Dunn, 26, Jenny Bartlett, 27, with baby Lacey Mae, 1 month and Sasha Teague, 14

Sasha (far right) with her half-sister Jessica, Jenny’s partner Adam, Jenny and baby sister Lacy-Mae

'I’m a virgin and plan to stay so until I’m at least 18 – I think teenagers having sex is disgusting.

'It’s better to wait than risk
throwing your life away. I love Mum and she did her best by me, but
discovering she had me so young – at an age when I was still playing
with Barbies – shocked me.

'She never had a life or much money. I’d want better for me and my kids.'

Too young: Sasha's mother, Jenny, aged 12 in 1997, holding three-month-old Sasha

Too young: Sasha's mother, Jenny, aged 12 in 1997, holding three-month-old Sasha. 'She never had a life,' Sasha says of her mother. 'I'd want better for myself and my kids'

Jenny, who lives on benefits, gave birth to Sasha in 1997, making her, at the time, the youngest mother in the country.

The 27-year-old claims she was unaware she was pregnant until her mother walked into her room while she was getting dressed and saw a small bump.

The full feature appears in this week's Closer magazine, on sale now

The full feature appears in this week's Closer magazine, on sale now

Jenny went into labour a week later and had to have a Caesarean because her young body wasn’t developed enough to cope with a natural birth.

She recalls: 'I was terrified. When the nurse handed me Sasha, I thought, “What have
I done’ – but when I looked at her little face, I felt happy and I wanted her.

'I was scared, but determined to do my best.'

Jenny, who 'experimented' with a 13-year-old boy, said she had no idea she could get pregnant the first time she had sex.

Although she claims benefits, she is studying English and Maths and hopes to work after her youngest daughter is older.

She said: 'I never had a life as a teenage mum and I’d never want Sasha to be a young mum.

'As soon as she had her first period aged nine, I told her it isn’t big or clever to have underage sex.

'If she fell pregnant now, I’d probably encourage her to have an abortion. I want her to get an education and a good job. Being a young
mum is hard.'