IceBreak for Couples: iPhone app promises an alternative to couples" therapy

Offload or download The iPhone app that promises an alternative to couples” therapy

Communication is the key to a successful relationship but what happens if you can”t talk through your problems or find anything interesting to say to your partner

A new app for iPhones claims it can open up dialogue and restore closeness between couples whose intimacy has broken down.

Ice Break works by providing “ice breaker” questions to encourage conversations and help you appreciate more about each other.

Models pose as couple with marriage problems

Bringing you closer: Loss of communication is key causes of relationship failure. An iPhone app has been developed to help you open up the dialogue again

It promises to “help youdiscover more about yourself and your partner and keep your relationship lively and fun.”

Questions include, “Which part of your partner”s body could you not do without” and “What is something your partner”s really good at”

According to, the app also features incentives to complete tasks and earn “Date Night Coins”, whichare redeemable against movie tickets or other gifts when you”ve collected enough.

Ice Break is one of a growing number of apps that act as couples” therapy for people who might not have the time, money or inclination to make an appointment to see a real-life professional.

Ice Break app

Conversation starter: Relationship therapy phone apps like Ice Break are designed to bring couples closer together through games and incentives

Popular downloads include Girlfriend Keeper, which stores personal messages and sends them on particular dates so you never miss an important birthday, anniversary or other event.

If housekeeping is your issue, Honey Do! sends a reminder to your partner (in the nicest possible way) to ask them to take out the trash or pick up the dry cleaning.

And RelationTips suggests ways to improve up to eight different relationships in your life, from your mother-in-law to your husband.

Of course there”s no evidence to suggest that any of these apps will significantly improve the quality of your relationship. But if you need to break the ice, they”re certainly a conversation-starter.