'I was terrified I'd inherit my father's evil streak': Daughter who was given up for adoption discovered she was conceived by rape



08:23 GMT, 17 April 2012

Rebecca Kieslling was told at a young age that she was adopted.

But when she tried to track down her biological parents, she discovered a shocking secret.

Rebecca, from Michigan, was told her father was a rapist who dragged her mother into a field and attacked her at knife-point.

Rebecca Kiessling

Rebecca Kiessling and Birthmom

Building bridges: Rebecca Kiesslling, left, reconnected with her biological mother, Joan, after finding out she was conceived by rape

The attack led to Rebecca's birth and adoption after single mother Joan Miracle decided to cancel her illegal abortion.

Rebecca first gained access to her case files in 1987 when she turned 18 and – with her adoptive's parents blessing – was given information about her mother, including her age, nationality and that she had two half siblings, 11 and 13 years older than her.

But when she asked the County Courthouse about her father, she was only told he was 'Caucasian and of large build.'

Suspicious of the vague description, Rebecca, now 42, began to wonder if her mother may have been raped.

Rebecca Kiessling

Growing up: Despite knowing she was adopted at the age of 7, Rebecca had to wait until she was 18 to find out about her biological parents

Her worst fears were confirmed when she
confronted her adoption counselor and later wrote a letter to a judge
begging for more information.

Rebecca told Best: 'My existence felt tainted. I locked myself in my room
and sobbed.

'I felt ugly and disgusted with myself. I was terrified I’d
inherit my father’s evil streak.

'And if I had a son, would he be rapist too How could anyone love me’

Rebecca Kiessling

Rebecca with her adoptive parents, who couldn't have children of their own

Rebecca Kiessling

Rebecca, pictured on her wedding day, with her adoptive parents and her biological mother, right

Read the full story in this week's Best magazine on sale today

Read the full story in this week's Best magazine on sale today

Rebecca was sent a file by the judge containing her mother's contact details.

The pair arranged a meeting and Joan revealed the details of her attack.

was walking to a shop when the attack took place. She reported the rape
and took part in two identity parades, but her attacker was never
arrested even though police believe he was a serial sex offender who was
later linked to several murders.

The single mother decided to give her
daughter – named Judy Ann – up for adoption rather than have her know
the truth about her conception.

Rebecca has since built a relationship with her mother Joan Miracle – and has even adopted two children of her own.

Rebecca, who married in 1995, and has four children, is now an adoption speaker and also counsels rape victims.

says: 'I’ve turned my experience into a positive force by becoming an adoption speaker.

'I’ve learnt it’s not just genes that make up a person, it’s the
people who love you and the life you choose that make you who you are.'