Hudson Kroenig, the haute couture Mini Me who was the star of Karl Lagerfeld"s Chanel show

Haute couture Mini Mes: A child to match your outfit is THE must have accessory for autumn (but if you don't have one, a dog will do)

After Karl Lagerfeld's dramatic Chanel show in Paris yesterday, one might have expected the stunning Fortress of Solitude to be the topic on the lips of the front row.

At the very least, it might have been the painstakingly embroidered crystal-embellished eyebrows that stayed with them, or the glittering tweed jackets that had paraded past.

But no. The major highlight of Karl Lagerfeld's show was none other than its most youthful model, the three-year-old son of male model Brad Kroenig, Hudson.

Karl Lagerfeld

Star of the show: Three-year-old son Hudson, wearing a matching outfit and carrying a purple quilted Chanel bag, was the topic on everyone's lips after the show

Karl Lagerfeld receives a round of applause

A coup for Karl: Mr Lagerfeld's decision to use a cute child in his show will no doubt earn him extra headlines worldwide

Walking the sand-strewn runway that ran the length of the imposing Grand Palais, the little boy held tightly to his mother's hand.

Clad head-to-toe in Chanel, he carried a little velvet quilted Chanel bag, slung over his tiny shoulder.

The result A thousand besotted showgoers, the same number of guaranteed headlines – and a major coup for Karl.

Mr Lagerfeld isn't the only one to have pulled the cute card out of the pack at fashion week.

The Mulberry dog

Sad: A little model at a Smalto fashion show wept his way down the catwalk last year

Cute factor: Left, the Hungarian Puli at last week's Mulberry show, and right, a little model at a Smalto fashion show – but he wept his way down the catwalk last year

Is that houndstooth Mulberry's adorable Hungarian Puli stole the show in his quilted jacket

Is that houndstooth Mulberry's adorable Hungarian Puli stole the show in his quilted jacket

Last September in London, Meadham Kirchoff jazzed up their catwalk with a troupe of tween ballet dancers who pirouetted the length of the catwalk while the models prepared for their finale.

Last week in London, a Mulberry model walked an adorable Hungarian Puli down the catwalk, wearing its own handstitched sheepskin coat, while last season, a miniature schnauzer sported a yellow raincoat as he trotted down the runway.

Designers beware though: the cute trick could backfire. For the Paris menswear shows last June, French suiting label Smalto sent an adorable mini me down the catwalk holding the hand of a male model. The crowd was charmed, but the little boy sobbed his way through the entire episode.

Sometimes fashion is just not child's play.