How to dazzle in the drizzle! Dont let the weather rain on your beauty parade

How to dazzle in the drizzle! Don’t let the weather rain on your beauty parade



07:59 GMT, 11 June 2012

Bedraggled hair, sliding foundation and panda eyes are just a few of the hazards we’ve faced during this sodden British summer. But don’t let this dampen your spirits. With just a few savvy wet weather tricks, you’ll soon be out from under your umbrella and dancing defiantly in the rain — with hair and make-up beautifully intact.

Flawless face

The trick to maintaining a smooth, shower-proof complexion is self-tan.
‘Wear this instead of foundation as it won’t come off if your face gets wet, but it still gives you coverage and cheekbone definition,’ says make-up artist, Louise Constad. ‘If you need more coverage, try Bobbi Brown’s foundation sticks (below left, 27) or Benefit’s Play Sticks cream-to-powder foundation (25.50), which are more like old-fashioned pan-sticks and make a great weatherproof base.

Don't let the weather ruin your summer make-up

Don't let the weather ruin your summer make-up

‘The main thing to avoid is water-based products as these wash off, or powder make-up because it clumps when wet. Stick to a cream blusher,’ she adds.

Intact eye make-up

To keep your eye make-up from running, Louise recommends Bellapierre’s make-up base (10, — layer this on top of your eyeshadow to form a water-resistant seal.

As for preventing the dreaded panda eye, Louise says: ‘Most mascaras are waterproof to a degree in that it takes hot water to dissolve them — so a little rain or tears will not remove them.

But if you want to be absolutely certain you won’t end up with panda eyes, go for waterproof mascara.’ Lancme’s Hypnose Waterproof Mascara (21) or Marks & Spencer’s Perfection Full Volume Waterproof Mascara (6) are two top products to give you added reassurance.

As for eyeliner that stays put, she recommends YSL’s Long-lasting Waterproof Eye Pencil (18) or their Shocking Eye Liner (24).

Bobbi Brown's foundation sticks

YSL's waterproof eye pencil

L'Oreal's Playball Texture Tonic

Be a water babe: From left, Bobbi Brown's foundation sticks, YSL's waterproof eye pencil and L'Oreal's Playball Texture Tonic

Frizz-free hair

Keeping your hair looking bouncy and sleek requires a little extra work when it’s raining. ‘Cold and wet air can leave the hair frizzy and unmanageable,’ says Mark Woolley, creative director at Electric Hairdressing.

He warns it’s near-impossible to remedy frizzy hair post-rain — you have to take preventative measures. ‘Use a leave-in conditioner before you style your hair. Coat the hair while it is damp after washing and blow-dry as usual to seal in the moisture and smoothness.

‘Even if you don’t get caught up in the rain, the damp air can still weigh the hair down at the roots. Before stepping out into the wet make sure you’ve blow-dried with plenty of volume at the roots — pull the hair up with your brush and blast the roots with hot air to add lift. Use hairspray for maximum hold.’

Working extra texture into hair that has a tendency to go limp will help provide volume. Dry shampoo such as Batiste (2) will do the trick, as will a texturising spray such as L’Oreal’s Playball Texture Tonic (right, from 10).

For smoothness, John Frieda’s best-selling Frizz Ease is the answer. But if your locks are seriously unmanageable, the KeraStraight KS Complex — where hair is nourished with a protein mask — would help to keep it looking sleek for up to two months. Prices start at 200 at Trevor Sorbie salons and are dependent on hair length.

A cheaper option is the Charles Worthington Salon At Home kit (20, Boots) with which you can carry out a DIY hair-straightening treatment. It promises to give you smoother hair for 40 days.

Or, if your hair has got damp while out, you can twist it up into an instant chignon with a Goody Modern Up-do Pin (5.49 at Boots). Not only will this keep your hair looking smart, but when you take it out, you will have fashionably tousled waves.

Final touches

‘For a finishing touch, use hairspray to slick your eyebrows into shape,’ advises Louise Constad. ‘Spray on to an old toothbrush, then use to groom your brows.’

You could also deploy one of the new make-up setting sprays such as Diego Dalla Palma’s Make-Up Fixer, 18 at or Motives Ten Years Younger spray (26,, which should keep your make-up looking good whatever the weather.

Make-up artists have traditionally used a fine spray of water to help ‘set’ the make-up, and a light mist of rain will do this for you naturally.