How to be a contented mother: Gina Ford releases new parenting book…packed with advice from actual parents

She's considered one of Britain's top parenting experts, with Kate Winslet and Jamie Oliver among her fans.

And after years of ensuring babies feel happy, bestselling childcare author Gina Ford is turning her attention to women and the realities of modern motherhood.

In her new book, The Contented Mother’s Guide, the former maternity nurse includes first-hand tips from mothers themselves, on a range of subjects from sex life to weight loss.

Gina Ford

New direction: In Gina Ford's latest book she focuses on women dealing with the realities of modern motherhood

She writes:' With refreshing honesty. the mums share the highs and lows of that roller-coaster first year.

'All the everyday challenges and common concerns that you're likely to face as a new mum.'

In the past, Gina's strict parenting methods, followed by millions, have polarised opinion among parents because of her belief that children need rigid routines for meals, play and bedtime.

Parenting guru: Gina Ford

Parenting guru: Gina Ford

Deputy Prime Minister and father-of-three Nick Clegg once said: 'Don't get me on to Gina Ford!'.

And in 2006 she reluctantly launched a libel case against, after members of the online community launched a personal attack.

Gina, who grew up in the Scottish Borders and moved to Edinburgh to study Hotel and Catering, has sold almost a million copies of her Contented Little Baby Book which was first published in 1999.

She has also written From Contented Baby to Confident Child and Potty Training in One Week and has her own website,

During her 12 years as a private maternity nurse, Gina looked after 300 babies – although she has no children of her own.

She adds: 'When we go through any kind of change, we look for guidance and support, and the best people to advise us are often those who have been through the sane experience themselves.

'That's why in this book I am, for the most part, handing over to the mothers.'

The Contented Mother’s Guide: Essential advice to help you be a happy, calm and confident mother by Gina Ford, published March 8, 11.99



'I think it is normal to feel lost in the early days of motherhood – you become so much mother and wife that you lose the essence of you.' Tanya


'When I can't get out of the house, I put on really good disco / dance music and dance my socks off for 30 minutes.' Erika


'You probably will argue in the beginning – sleep deprivation and the responsibility of a tiny baby do not always make for a good mood – but it is how you choose to behave afterwards that counts.' Debbie


'I think if you are a working mum, guilt is to be expected as part of everyday life!' Kate