How SJP and Mila Kunis are magazine gold (but covers with Justins Timberlake and Bieber just won"t sell)

How SJP and Mila Kunis are magazine gold (but covers with Justins Timberlake and Bieber just won”t sell)

They are the faces that sold a few hundred thousand copies.

In the yearly round-up of bestselling monthly magazines, Sarah Jessica Parker, Heidi Klum, Mila Kunis and Jennifer Aniston were the cover stars that had copies flying off the newsstands in 2011.

But Mila Kunis” selling power this year marked a strong contrast with her Friends With Benefits co-star Justin Timberlake”s.

Face value: Sarah Jessica Parker No ugly duckling: Black Swan star Mila Kunis

Face value: Sarah Jessica Parker”s August Vogue issue (left) gifted the glossy one of its best months on the newsstands this year while newcomer Mila Kunis delivered big hits for GQ, W and Cosmopolitan

His appearance on the cover of Esquire generated feeble sales of only 73,000, the magazine”s weakest issue of the year.

The singer-turned-actor generated better sales when appeared on the cover of Elle”s August issue – but that was most likely thanks to the fact that Miss Kunis appeared in the shoot with him.

Also letting the men (or, boys) down this year was teenage pop star, Justin Bieber, who failed to impress adultreaders of Vanity Fair in February. Shifting just 245,800 copies, the glossy title”s sales were the third-worst since Graydon Carter took over in 1992.

The trend continued with Bieber”s subsequent appearance on the cover of a Rolling Stone issue in March, generating five per cent worse than average sales.

But according to statistics taken from the Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC), SJP and friends were consistentlyeffective in selling magazines.

The Sex and the City star”s January cover of Elle, August cover for Vogue and September Marie Claire, delivered the glossies their second or third best sellers of the year.

Jennifer Aniston graced the cover of Marie Claire’s top-selling July issue and provided Elle with one of its best performers in November.

And supermodel mother-of-four Heidi Klum proved herself reigning cover girl with best-selling covers for Lucky in March and Glamour in August.

Jennifer Aniston proves she still sells with her November Elle cover Working mum Heidi Klum is a favourite with readers of Lucky and Glamour

Top sellers: Jennifer Aniston proves she still sells with her November Elle cover (left) and mother-of-four Heidi Klum proved herself a favourite with readers of Lucky and Glamour (right)

Mila Kunis was a new addition to the ranks of favourite faces this year. Her tantalising August GQ cover delivered 205,000 sales, by far its most successful month.

Fashion monthly, W, enjoyed sales 15 per cent above average in March when she appeared on its cover, and as Cosmopolitan”s cover girl in February she helped sell a staggering 1.7 million copies.

A handful of other powerful female stars had mixed results this year, most notably, Lady Gaga.

Dolled up with the usual theatrics, her March Vogue cover was Vogue”s second best seller of the year and May Harper’s Bazaar cover sold 159,000 copies, its third best of the year.

Butwhen the curiously over-the-top performer went au naturel for the same title later in October, a staggeringly low 119,000 copies were shifted, makingthe late fall issue its third worst seller of the year.

GwynethPaltrow was Elle’s best and Self’s second best, but her Bon Apptit cover in June and her January InStyle cover both sold below average for the monthlies.

The spectacle sells: Harper Reality Bites: Kim Karshashian is inconsistent when it comes to selling magazines

Does reality sell Harper”s Bazaar”s October issue with an au naturel Lady Gaga (left) on the cover paled in comparison to previous issues while Kim Kardashian (right) was equally unpredictable on the newsstands

The Help star Emma Stone didn”t do much to boost sales of Elle which saw its worstfigures as a result of her July cover.

Nor did she entice readers of Vanity Fair where sales dropped to its third lowest in 2011. But she did score with Teen Vogue (second best), Glamour and W.

Actress and fellow Revlon face, Olivia Wilde, hit a home run with Women’s Health delivering the health-orientedmonthly its best sales as well as at Allure and Cosmo.

But unlike Miss Stone she didn”t resonate with Glamour readers and both Glamour and Marie Claire saw below average sales when they put the feline actress on their covers.

BlackEyed Peas” leading lady, Fergie, was a disappointment for Allure in July and Lucky in June. And the somewhat private actress, Michelle Williams” cover issues for Marie Claire and Vogue also performed poorly with newsstand sales reaching only 296,000.

Boring couple: Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried Justin Who Bieber

Golden boys lose their sparkle: Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried”s cover of W (left) didn”t appeal to readers while Bieber”s Vanity Fair cover (right) was the magazine”s third worst selling issue since 1992

Oscar-winning Reese Witherspoon also brought in low sales for Vogue, asshe did for Marie Claire and Glamour, all three magazines suffering a below-average performance.

Theubiquitous reality star, Kim Kardashian, who featured on the covers of more magazinesthan any other actress or celebrity role model, was Glamour’s bestseller of the year with her February cover.

However, despite delivering 1.8 million sales in August for Cosmopolitan, response wasn”t so gushing across the board.

Her Harper’s Bazaar cover in March, April Self cover and her November Lucky cover resulted in lukewarm sales figures and predictions for her December Marie Claire cover were nothing to write home about.

A source reporting to WWD claimed that her January 2012 Glamour cover with sisters Khlo and Kourtney is on track to fall below 400,000 sales.

With data like this is it would seem the public”s interest in celebrities isn”t always determined by the number of albums sold or viewing figures for a show.