Good news for single ladies, chivalry isn't dead! How British males are being inspired to act like gentlemen by well-mannered stars like Mo Farah, Sir Chris Hoy and Dermot O’Leary



16:24 GMT, 17 August 2012

While many modern women feel that chivalry is well and truly dead, it appears that good old fashioned manners may be making a comeback.

According to a new study, more and more British men are minding their Ps and Qs when it comes to dating and are willing to go above and beyond to sweep the ladies off their feet.

The gentlemanly behaviour of Olympic champions such as Mo Farah and Sir Chris Hoy is thought to have played a part in shifting attitudes, with many men being influenced by the well-mannered heroes.

Sir Chris Hoy

Mo Farah

Inspirational: British men have been heavily influenced by the good behaviour of well-mannered heroes Sir Chris Hoy (left) and Mo Farah

A survey of over 2,000 men found that a new breed of man dubbed the New Age Knight (NAK) is emerging on the dating scene.

Good conversation on a date was more important than a kiss for 73 per cent of those surveyed, while 50 per cent made it a priority to make sure they arrived at the venue first in order to greet their companion.

Meanwhile 80 per cent revealed that they would contact their love interest within 24 hours of a successful date and 63 per cent said they would not reveal the intimate details to their friends.

Ladies first: Matt swung the door open so that his fiancee could climb inside their vehicle ahead of him

Chivalrous: Muse star Matt Bellamy opens the car door for fiancee Kate Hudson in New York last month

True gents TV presenters Ant and Dec were fifth on's poll of celebrity 'New Age Knights'

True gents TV presenters Ant and Dec were fifth on's poll of celebrity 'New Age Knights'

The vast majority of the British men surveyed in the poll by dating site said they give the object of their affections their undivided attention during a night out, with less than three per cent admitting to checking the football scores and only four per cent opting to text their friends.

‘British men may have got some bad press in the past when it comes to romance, but these findings show they have returned to being perfect gentlemen,’ says Kate Taylor, resident relationship expert at

‘First to arrive at the venue and first to call, willing to make all the effort and wear their hearts on their sleeves; it’s clear that men have rediscovered the old values.

‘As a woman I’m glad to see that these New Age Knights will still treat me like a princess and put me first at all times.’


Dermot O’Leary

Kate says: 'The X Factor host plays the role of counsellor and therapist
perfectly on the nation’s favourite show. He is the epitome of 'Mr Nice Guy'
and is only too keen to offer a hug or a shoulder to cry on for contestants,
however they perform.'

Mo Farah

Kate says: 'With his infectious smile and strong family values, there’s
many a lady who wishes they had been fast enough to catch this Olympic champion.
Mo just comes across as the nicest guy, you simply couldn’t say a bad word
about him.'


Gary Barlow

Prince William

Topping the list: TV presenter Dermot O'Leary (left), Take That star Gary Barlow and Prince William (right)

Gary Barlow

Kate says: 'With his deadpan wit and northern charm, Gary has collected
many an admirer during his 20 years in the music industry. Although he speaks
his mind, Gary is always a perfect gentleman: calm and composed, and with a
dignity to boot.'

Prince William

Kate says: 'Kate Middleton recently admitted that her regal husband ‘spoils’
her, and we would expect nothing less of a man who exudes good manners in
everything he does.'

Ant and Dec

Kate says: 'These two cheeky monkeys just can’t be disliked. The Geordie
boys’ cute and endearing antics, not to mention their true commitment to friendship,
portrays them as listening ears that any damsel in distress could rely on. '