Hey big spender! British revealed as the most handbag hungry nation in the world

Brits are responsible for almost half of all handbag internet searches

Mulberry ranked as luxury label of choice for Brits

Coach is most searched for iconic model worldwide



14:06 GMT, 6 July 2012

From the Mulberry Alexa to the Herms Birkin, handbags have become one of the most coveted items in the luxury goods market.

Women worldwide are willing to sacrifice their hard-earned monthly salaries for a piece of lusted-after arm candy.

But it has been revealed that British woman are the hungriest handbag hunters in the whole world.

Kim Sears represents the British ladies whose choice of designer handbag is Mulberry; Kim opts for the Bayswater

Kim Sears represents the British ladies whose choice of designer handbag is Mulberry; Kim opts for the Bayswater

And it has also been revealed that Britons were behind almost half of internet searches for luxury handbag brands at a time when it seems impossible to escape daily reminders of the country's economic turmoil.

The study, carried out by the World Luxury Index, found that it was classic designer staple Mulberry that prevailed as British online shoppers' luxury label of choice.

Top 5 most globally searched handbag brands


Louis Vuitton







Marc Jacobs

Michael Kors

In 2011 the company almost quadrupled its profits from the previous year.

And with each bag owing its name to the celebrity who first endorsed it; it would appear that Alexa, Lily, Daria and Rosie have fast become the most popular girls in town.

Starting at 550 however, they are certainly not cheap dates and to the music of many shopper's ears, high street stores are hot on the designer world's heels with great copies.

More and more, the world wide web is where consumers confirm their desire for handbag brands, and increasingly, specific models.

And consumers shift from the boutique to their smartphones, tablets and computers to learn more about the products they covet.

The study also unveiled for the first time, a ranking and analysis of the most searched-for handbag brands within the luxury industry, based on the unbiased search inputs coming from global luxury consumers in major search engines.

The research examines over 130 brands, through 130 million+ searches, in eight countries.

Coach held the top spot as most-searched handbag brand, followed by Louis Vuitton and Chanel.

As for Mulberry, which ranked eighth globally, the study found that every nation has a varying taste in style.

In the US, UK & France, crocodile is the most-searched for material, where the Americans prefer Orange, the British Tan and the French Black.