It's Miss 'Tache! Woman joins MOvember men by drawing comedy moustache on face every day to raise money for cancer charity
Helen Wakefield, 28, from Cheshire, didn't want to miss out on MOvemberMOvember involves men growing a moustache throughout November to raise awareness for prostate cancerHelen aims to raise over 1000 for Prostate Cancer UK, and has already raised 429



17:01 GMT, 8 November 2012

Sometimes the dreaded FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) makes us do crazy things.

And that's precisely what has happened to 28-year-old Helen Wakefield from Warrington, Cheshire, this November. Or, rather, this MOvember.

So bored was the travel radio presenter of being unable to join her male mates' mission to grow a November moustache (in effort to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer) that she decided to do the next best thing: draw one on.

Day one: In the beginning, there was a moustache

Day one: Helen Wakefield kicks things off with a tiny Charlie Chaplin moustache

Day one: Everyone has to start somewhere, Helen, chin up!

The imaginative girl, who aims to raise over 1,000 for Prostate Cancer UK through sponsorship, has pledged to draw a comedy moustache on her face every day throughout November. And only eight days in she has already raised nearly half her target total.

The idea started as a joke, but now, in keeping with the theme of the
Movember, Helen's moustache will grow
as the month goes on.

And the (unofficial) Victoria Pendleton lookalike's 'tache – which started as a Charlie Chaplin-style square directly under her nose – has already 'grown' to reach the end of her lips.

Joker Helen promises that by the end of the month, she will be sporting a full-on curly moustache.

Day two: Helen's moustache begins to take shape

Day three: Helen channels her inner Hercule Poirot

Hercule Poirot, I presume Helen Wakefield regards her new lip 'hair' suspiciously on day two, left, and looks pleased with it on day four, right

Helen, who presents travel radio across the North West, said: 'I sponsor my mates to do Movember every year, and I think it's a great cause.

'I was always a little jealous that I couldn't join in the fun though – and this year I jokingly posted on Facebook that I was going to draw on a moustache to join in.

'I went shopping in the Trafford Centre
last week and people were almost falling over, doing double takes – I'm
definitely earning my sponsorship money!'

'So many people responded to it and said it was a great idea – and that they would sponsor me to do it, so I decided to bite the bullet and go for it.

'My friends think it's hilarious, and it's fine when I'm at work or with my family, but I do get some funny looks in the street.

'I went shopping in the Trafford Centre last week and people were almost falling over, doing double takes. I'm definitely earning my sponsorship money!'

Day three: Things are looking up

Day four: Helen's 'tache begins to rival her eyebrows in size

Why should boys have all the fun Things are beginning to look up on day three, left, and Helen's moustache begins to rival her eyebrows in size on day four, right

And altruistic Helen is not only doing her bit for prostate cancer – she regularly volunteers her time at a shelter, too.

She said: 'I volunteer at a homeless shelter once a week, and the guys there thought it was hilarious when I turned up sporting a curly moustache.

'My aim is to raise more than 1000 for Prostate Cancer UK – I'm about half way there at the moment.

'I think it's so important to raise as much awareness of cancer and fundraising as possible – it's a cause very close to my heart, and hopefully I'm doing my bit.'

Helen has already raised 429, and to add to her grand total visit

To see updates of her moustache growth, follow her on twitter at @crazytashlady

Day seven: The 'tache begins to take some serious shape

Party time: Helen says her friends think her personal challenge is hilarious

Day seven: Helen's moustache begins to take on some serious shape, left, and at a party with friends, right

'Tachetastic: Helen with her boyfriend Ben and his genuine, hairy moustache

'Tachetastic: Helen with her boyfriend Ben and his genuine, hairy moustache