Choose your words more Caerphilly next time! Helen Flanagan faces Twitter backlash after labelling Wales 'boring'



14:58 GMT, 22 August 2012

She's certainly no stranger to causing controversy with her posts on Twitter.

But on Tuesday Helen Flanagan faced backlash on the micro-blogging site after labelling her new hometown of Swansea, Wales, 'boring'.

Former Coronation Street star Helen has been living in Swansea since late last year,
when she moved from her native Manchester to be with her footballer
boyfriend Scott Sinclair.

Helen Flanagan

Controversial couple: Helen Flanagan has enraged fans of her boyfriend, Swansea winger Scott Sinclair

Earlier this week, Helen tweeted: 'Started to get bored now, been in Wales too long, Lol. Must take action.'

However, her words didn't go down too well with her followers, with many taking to their own profiles to criticise the actress.

One person wrote: 'F**k sake get a job, at least that way you wont tweet utter drivel.

'Stop wingeing so much, you spoilt b***h! Life could be billion times worse, think before you tweet! People are starving etc
' (sic).

Helen Flanagan twitter

Backlash: Helen has received a torrent of hate on Twitter after saying she was 'bored' in Wales

Helen was quick to try and appease her
furious followers, writing: 'My tweet wasn’t meant to offend or be
insensitive to Swansea fans sorry guys!

'When Scott's on away games I’m on my own in Wales.'

Helen, who has previously spoken out about her love of the city's 10 eyelash
extensions and has shared photos of some of the bargain fashions she has
picked up on the High Street, later added: 'I’ve always loved Swansea.'

Helen Flanagan Rosie Webster

Saucy: Helen as wild child Rosie Webster in Coronation Stree

Many of the slurs addressed the fact
that the actress has been taking some time out from acting since
quitting her role of Rosie Webster after twelve years.

However, fans worried that she has
turned her back on acting needn't worry – she has previously spoken out
about how she hopes her next role will be in a period drama like Downton
Abbey or the lead role in an adaption of Romeo and Juliet.

Along with her sometimes controversial presence on Twitter, the pretty actress is also known for her risque fashion choices and her love of overhauling her hairstyles.

Helen Flanagan blonde

Helen Flanagan

Look at me: Helen loves to share her new looks and hairstyles with the Twittersphere

Fans are regularly treated to tweeted photographs of the 22-year old sporting new hairstyles, the latest one being new blonde locks.

One of the reasons Helen's tweet was met with such a fiery reaction is because of the uncertainty surrounding her boyfriend's career.

He has refused to sign a new contract with Swansea, and is rumoured to be moving to Manchester City for a 5million fee.

Fans, irate that the Swans' winger is looking to pastures new, have blamed his girlfriend for leading him back to her north west home.