Ham sandwich fatigue Check out these hints and tips for a health-packed lunch box



17:17 GMT, 11 September 2012

What do you give them when they are bored of ham sandwiches

What do you give them when they are bored of ham sandwiches

The start of a new school year is also the return of a daily dilemma for many parents – ‘what do I put in my child’s lunch box today’.

As kids take on after school clubs and activities, they may need snacks to keep their energy up beyond the school bell.

For busy mothers, it can be tricky choosing the right foods for the lunchbox, and healthy snacks for kids on the move.

As well as choosing foods that are low
in fat and added sugar, free from artificial ingredients and the right
amount for a child, you need to find something that your child will

Don't despair, there are simple ways to satisfy the most picky young eaters, here Disney have sgared a few of their favourite healthier lunchbox hints & tips ….

Hints and tips for a healthier lunchboxRecommended
by Patricia
Turner, Director of Product Development Food, Health & Beauty at The
Walt Disney Company EMEAGet them involved: Let your child have a say in the content and preparation of their food, so they look forward to eating it. For example, get your child involved in making homemade pizza. Try using pastry cutters in funky shapes to shape the pizza dough and then let your child top the pizza with healthy toppings such as vegetables, ham and chicken. Preparation: Children often leave food that takes a lot of effort to eat, so give your child pre-prepared (peeled and chopped) fruit and vegetables in a variety of colours. Colour: Ensure your child not only has their five fruit and vegetables a day, but also items from the colours of the rainbow. This will give your child a bright and attractive lunch, as well as a wide range of vitamins and minerals, essential for good health.Variety: Try to keep your child’s lunch box exciting and varied. Quick ideas such as filled pitta pockets, quiche and homemade pizza slices are simple and easy to prepare in advance. Home baking: Ask your child to help make some homemade treats, such as cookies, for their lunch box. Some ingredients can be changed to healthier alternatives, such as substituting chocolate chips with dried fruit or raisins. Keep cool: Try freezing your child’s drink or tube yoghurt – not only will this mean a cold treat at lunch time but will also act as an ice pack to keep their lunch fresh and cool.