Half of British wives say they want more sex from their husbands



14:08 GMT, 30 October 2012

A new survey into the state of British marriages has revealed that half of all married women don't get enough sex from their husbands.

The One Poll sexual happiness survey of over 4,000 married couples across the UK revealed that just over 50 per cent of married women are not satisfied with their sex life, and in some areas of the country it was even higher.

In Wales nearly two thirds of married couples (64 per cent) said they were dissatisfied with the frequency of intimacy with their spouse and couples in the South East were the second unhappiest.

A survey of over 4000 British couples revealed that more than 50% of married women are dissatisfied with their love life

A survey of over 4000 British couples revealed that more than 50% of married women are dissatisfied with their love life

West Midlands' couples were third in the chart followed by couples in the North West and then Yorkshire and Humberside.

The survey also showed that the number of unhappy husbands was even higher with 70 per cent of British married men saying they were not satisfied with their sex lives.

Rosie Freeman-Jones spokesperson for IllicitEncounters.com, who commissioned the survey said: 'The overwhelming statistic that we got from this survey is that married women and men are not happy with the amount of intimacy in their life.

'It's a very serious position that over half of the wives questioned in all regions of the country have said they are dissatisfied with their marriage because of this.'

The survey also showed that this unhappiness in marriage has led to several wives and husbands having affairs.

As many as 1 in 4 married people in London (25 per cent) admitted having at least one affair and couples in the East Midlands (24 per cent), Yorkshire and Humberside (23 per cent), Wales (23 per cent) and North West (22.66 per cent) also had high numbers of married couples having affairs in response to their sexless marriages.

In London 8 per cent of married partners admitted to having more than five affairs.

Number of married couples unhappy with the amount of sex in marriage by region

1. Wales – 64.74% want more sex

2. South East – 63.85%

3. West Midlands – 61.70%

4. North West – 61.12%

5. Yorkshire & Humberside – 60.88%

Number of married people who admitted to at least one affair

1. London – 25.87%

2. East Midlands – 24.38%

3. Yorkshire and Humberside – 23.38%

4. Wales – 23.12%

5. North West – 22.66%