Gluten-free diets are not welcome chez Martha Stewart

Leave your cellphones – and your food allergies – at the door: Why gluten-free diets are not welcome chez Martha Stewart

Holiday season wouldn”t be complete without a word of wisdom or two from the home-making guru, Martha Stewart.

Now onto her 75th book, Martha”s Entertaining: A year of Celebrations, the napkin-folding veteran still has some fresh tips to dole out to hosts – and technology is not ignored.

The seemingly in-control TV star and home entertaining maven admits that she has no time for cellphone addicts or for picky eaters – letting them go hungry instead of catering to their fussy tastes.

Chicken or beef Martha Stewart does not have time for vegetarians - and woe betide those who check their text messages

Chicken or beef Martha Stewart, pictured last week in New York, does not have time for vegetarians – and woe betide those who check their text messages

30 years on from her first tome, her latest book sees Martha open the doors of her homes to create what she calls a “very personal” tale of household duties, even recalling her time behind bars in West Virginia.

Continuing with the frank admissions, speaking with the New York Post, the 70-year-old revealed how much she disapproves of the ubiquitous cellphones-at-the-table scenario these days.

“There should be a rule,” she told the Post. “Leave your BlackBerrys in a basket at the door – like you used to leave your keys. It’s just so horrible.”

She even predicts the future of social networking.

“I think that people are going to start realizing that cyber-chat is not the most effective way of communicating on a deeper basis,” she said.

“You have to sit down at a table, you have to talk, you have to see people face to face. It gets pretty lonely just texting people. It’s a silly way to live, actually.”

As for allergies, her line is equally unambivalent.


Martha”s Entertaining: A year of Celebrations is published by Clarkson Potter and is out now

“Oh my God! Don’t ask! My rule is do not ask about dietary restrictions,” she says, clearly averse to making an extra effort for certain guests.

“We had a charity dinner – we had every single kind of restriction. It was horrible!” she recalls to the newspaper.

The cooking maestro, seemingly so welcoming and in control, does make one minor concession.

“You have to be semi-prepared,” she says of picky eaters. “But don’t fret about it. Everybody can miss a meal.”

Those with a host of allergies, take note: Sneaking a snack into your handbag may be a good idea before leaving home this Christmas.