George at Asda: "Cheapest lingerie on the market" for bargainista brides

Wedding night knickers that won't blow the budget: Asda launch 'cheapest lingerie on the market' for bargainista brides



16:54 GMT, 27 March 2012

As soon as the word 'wedding' is mentioned, paying over the odds usually becomes inevitable. But thanks to George at Asda bridal lingerie is at least one expense you can take off the list.

Armed with research that revealed the average woman spends 200 wowing her new husband on her wedding night (despite the fact that when the dress comes off the underwear follows
pretty quickly), the supermarket has launched a range of bargain lingerie for brides that costs from just 4 for a thong – with nothing costing more than 16.

Granted supermarket trolley dashes aren't the most romantic way to prepare for your wedding night – but knowing the money you save could pay for an extra night on your honeymoon may soften the blow.

George at Asda bridal lingerie

Model wears basque, 12, thong, 4 both George at Asda

Prices of a full set from the four available in the collection range from 11.50 to 16, making it
the cheapest to hit the high street yet – and a whopping 1,639 per cent cheaper
than other well known bridal lingerie retailers.

George Brand Director, Fiona Lambert said: 'Brides-to-be
want to look and feel their best on the big day, but don’t always want to spend
a fortune and add to the cost of the wedding.

'We wanted to show that you can
design a beautiful set of underwear in a luxurious fabric at a great price with
our new bridal-inspired lingerie.

Now that should bring wedding bells to your ears.

George at Asda Bridal Collection

George at Asda Bridal Collection

Satin pleated bra, 8, briefs, 3.50, George at Asda Satin pleated bra, 8, thong, 4, George at Asda

George at Asda Bridal Collection

George at Asda Bridal Collection

Lace control body, 12, George at Asda Lace trim control body, 12, George at Asda