Geek Love: TLC show charts weird and nerdy world of Sci-Fi Speed Dating

When Chewbacca met Wonder Woman: New TLC show charts the weird and nerdy world of Geek Love

Their eyes meet over a sea of Chewbaccas, Wonder Women, Doctor Who fans and Princess Leias. It”s New York Comic Con – an annual comic book convention – and Sci-Fi Speed Dating is in mid-flow.

Despite their full costumes restricting movement and proving to be a distraction, sparks fly between Iron Man and Robin. Bonding over their addiction to obscure video games, they are a perfect love match… or aren”t they

Welcome to TLC”s latest voyeuristic offering: Geek Love.

Dating master: Ryan Glitch is the man behind Sci-Fi Speed dating - a relationship service that is the subject of a new TLC show, Geek Love

Dating master: Ryan Glitch – aka Anakin Skywalker – is the man behind Sci-Fi Speed dating – a relationship service that is the subject of a new TLC show, Geek Love, premiring on December 18

The two-part special, premiring on December 18, dips a toe into the weird and wonderful world of nerdy love and the blossoming relationships in a world that exists among us – but is known by very few outsiders.

We meet a girl who declares: “Basically, I”m weird, but not that weird.” She explains what she”s looking for in her ideal partner: “I”d like to find a guy who is as weird as me but not so weird as to be a serial killer.”

Another of our lovable geeks, Gerald, aka Chewie, is seen the day before Comic Con, practising his chat up lines.

“Let”s see if I can do a Chewbacca mating call,” he throws his head back and lets out a glottal Star Wars cry and looks pleased with himself. “That should get their attention, definitely.”


Chewie”s mating call: Gerald, 32, throws his head back and does his best Chewbacca mating call impression – he hopes it”ll attract ladyfolk


It”s really hard on the outside world: The geeks all have allegiances to certain cult Sci-Fi figures – and happily find solace among one other

The timid New Jersey man, 32, is admirably confident about his chances of meeting Sci-Fi-loving female cyborgs.

“When girls meet me, they must be thinking who”s that strapping Wookie there” he says.

RyanGlitch, the self-proclaimed nerd behind Sci-Fi Speed Dating, has it allfigured out. “Extreme fans, the fan-boys, the fan-girls – god love “em -the bar scene doesn”t work for them,” he explains.

After an introduction to speed dating at the convention, he encourages the Sci-Fi aficionados to “be yourself, let your geek flag fly.”

Amid the 30 mini dates, Chewie unleashes his mating call – with mixed results – and takes a strong liking to Wonder Woman.

Geek Love TLC Discovery Geek Love TLC Discovery

Iron Man vs. human: Sal Fringo, 23, is an Iron Man fan and works in a video gaming store. He heads to the Sci-Fi convention with high hopes of meeting his Wonder Woman

It all feels like a parallel universe- one that is embraced wholly by the eccentric dorks. One girl, dressed as comic hero, describes the difficulty of finding love in the “outside world.”

“It”sreally hard on the outside world to find someone that you like, cos it”s really hard to find someone that understands you,” she says earnestly.

The show”s colourful characters are brought to us by the same network that is responsible for the likes of Toddlers & Tiaras, Virgin Diaries and 19 Kids and Counting, carving itself a niche in documenting some of the more eccentric groups in American society.

Jedi Master Cupid: Darth Vadar watches on as single geeks get to know one another in the new show

Jedi Master Cupid: Darth Vadar watches on as single geeks get to know one another in the new show

Nerd love-in: It

Nerd love-in: It”s a niche character who is interested in Sci-Fi speed dating – but the room is packed with hopeful candidates

According to, characters can get a lot “weirder” than the harmless but unorthodox group featured in Geek Love.

If anything, the programme will introduce many to an unfamiliar, but very much alive, new language. One scene sees another young man, sitting in his Star Wars-themed bedroom. “If I go to Sci-Fi speed dating and I sit down and if there”s a girl across from me who does Slave Leia,” he says, enthusiastically, “I think I”m probably going to have a little nerd-gasm.”

Viewerswill have to wait until December 18 to see whether he finds his Princess Leia – and has that strangely geeky reaction to her.

Geek Love premires on TLC on December 18 at 9pm.