Confessions of a fashionista: From 100 boiled eggs to box-fresh bedding EVERY DAY – just some of the outrageous demands made by fashion industry divas


11:44 GMT, 26 October 2012



12:09 GMT, 26 October 2012

I've worked in and around the fashion industry for almost ten years and when it comes to outrageous demands I've seen it all.

Models who refuse to talk to anyone but their booker on set, popstars who specify they want 100 boiled eggs in their dressing room, designers who request all white rooms, with all white furnishings, backstage, and the pampered pet dogs that have to be flown business class.

Don't get me started on the dogs; one of the spoilt yappers has even made it onto the cover of my forthcoming book. Sigh.

Pampered pooch: in the fashion world, even the dogs wear diamonds

Pampered: In the fashion world, even the dogs get to wear diamonds

It takes a certain kind of superstar to really stand out when it comes to ridiculous riders and preposterous behaviour.

The kind of sensational singer who's been in the charts all their lives, the kind who's performed with the biggest names of the last half century, the kind who's been there, done that, and sold over a billion self-branded t-shirts.

When your life is all first class flights, five star hotel suites, private yachts and screaming, pant-wetting adulation there's only one thing you can do: go full scale D.I.V.A. Well, it would be rude not to.

Take the uber famous songstress who insists no one turn their back on her (a therapy worthy hang-up, if ever I heard one).

She requires people to reverse out of the room she's in, so no one shows her their bottom.

I kid you not. I've seen it happen during a music video shoot. Cameramen, the director, the hairdresser, the stylist, and even the famous boy band she was dueting with, were all forced to leave the room backwards. Slowly. Feeling their way. Elegant.

Glamour: What would you indulge in were you a diva

Outrageous: What would you demand if you could be a diva for the day

Then there's the music industry legend who booked a make up artist, only to show up covered in slap and refuse to let anyone touch her.

She's so impossibly glamorous, if a little stretched, I suspect she's had her foundation, eyeliner, lipstick, the whole lot, tattooed on. Like a mask.

Finally there's the multi-platinum megastar, who insists on new, (not just clean), bedding and underwear, fresh from the box, every day. No matter where she is. Imagine how much her staff have to pack!

When it comes to behaviour, divas are rude, arrogant, and insufferable. They're also fabulous.

Wouldn't it be fun, just for a second, to imagine living that life – what would you insist on if you could

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